These Plush $33 Bath Towels Look Triple the Price (and They’re So Soft!)

published Apr 16, 2024
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Did you know that you should replace your bath towels about every two years? Um, me neither. I have a set that I’ve been using for much longer than that, and other than a little bit of fading and some snagging here and there, they just didn’t seem ready for retirement. But after discovering that linens have a lifespan and being offered the chance to try the Miracle Made Towel set, I figured it was a good excuse to finally make the switch

To be honest, I had never heard of the Miracle Made brand before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. After visiting the company’s site, I learned that the brand makes bedding and bath essentials that are infused with silver (yes, silver!) to minimize bacteria growth and prevent musty odors. It all sounded very scientific, but the bottom line is that Miracle Made pretty much guarantees that these towels won’t stink. And after trying them for two months, I have to say that I completely agree! Miracle Made’s bath towels are so plush and absorbent that I feel like I’m wrapping myself in a fluffy cloud every time I step out of the shower.

What Is the Miracle Made Towel?

The Miracle Made Towel is a luxe, silver-infused bath towel that’s crafted from premium long-staple cotton. The silver is meant to prevent up to 99.7% of bacteria growth, which means fewer odors, cleaner fabrics that won’t spread germs, and the option to wash the towels less frequently (not quite a selling point for me, but you do you!). Another thing that sets them apart? Though they are ridiculously absorbent, the 30×56-inch towels dry very quickly. The Miracle Made Towel is available in white, stone gray, and a beautiful sky blue, and can be purchased individually for $35 or as a set for $65.

Credit: Mark Marino

Why I Love the Miracle Made Towel

I opted for a set of Miracle Made towels in the stone color, and they seemed a bit thin and unremarkable when I first took them out of the package. In fact, judging by their appearance, I  wasn’t convinced that they would soak up much water when I dried off after a shower. But after giving them an initial wash and a toss in the dryer, the towels completely transformed. Suddenly, they were much thicker and the tiny loops seemed more substantial.  

Those tiny loops proved to be miracle workers when I actually used one of the towels for the first time. It felt soft and cushy against my skin and soaked up water like a sponge, leaving hardly a trace of moisture behind. Afterward, I hung the towel over my shower curtain rod and within a few hours it was completely dry, with no hint of a mildew smell. This proved to be the case every time I air-dried the towel after showering, but what really impressed me was that the towel also didn’t pick up a mildew smell the few times it came out of the dryer slightly damp (the machines in my building’s laundry room are unpredictable). That was a first for me, because other towels I’ve owned would turn a bit funky and sometimes retain the odor, even after a second round in the dryer.

So far, I’ve been thrilled with the performance of the Miracle Made Towel set, and I’m glad I made the upgrade. The colors haven’t faded with time. There’s been no snagging, those miraculous little loops all remain intact, and the towels are as plush as ever after each wash. And, of course, they’ve remained odor-free, just as the brand promised. When the time comes to replace my bath towels two years from now, I definitely plan to get another set from Miracle Made because these silver-infused ones are as good as gold.