The $60 Target Accessory That Makes My Studio Feel Way Bigger

published Feb 10, 2021
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Living in a studio apartment during a pandemic probably isn’t for everyone. But somehow, I’ve been getting along just fine in my few hundred square feet.

That doesn’t mean it doesn’t feel small in here — it definitely does. To remedy this, I’ve gotten creative with design decisions that make my place feel a little larger than it actually is. There’s one tried-and-true accessory that’s doing most of the hard work here: a super stylish $60 mirror from Target.

Interior designers, home stagers, real estate agents, and scores of other home experts have always sung the praises of a well-placed mirror. I suppose I always knew they could introduce scale and light into a space, but it wasn’t until I actually did it that I understood the simple power of a mirror.

Taking the advice of the Apartment Therapists before me, I hung this rounded over-the-mantel gold mirror on the wall over my bed, opposite the two windows in my bedroom. Not only does it look lovely with my bed frame, but it reflects the light streaming in from outside, making the whole room appear sunnier — and way bigger. The reflective accessory adds spatial interest to an otherwise blank white wall, and wow do I wish I got an above-the-bed mirror sooner. 

To add another dose of intrigue, I paired the mirror with this wall lamp, which comes in the same gold-brass finish. The combination instantly elevated the look of my tiny room, creating a larger, homier, and all-around more pleasant studio apartment.

While one day I hope to invest in a larger vintage mirror when I have a larger home, for now, this little number from Target is doing the trick. Is Target the place I thought to go mirror shopping in the first place? Certainly not. But now I know where to score a stylish one on the cheap.

I may not have taken such care to add such a sense of spaciousness to my place if it weren’t for stay-at-home orders. My advice is simple: don’t wait for a global crisis to accessorize. There are mirrors out there waiting for walls to be matched with.