The Accessory One Home Stager Hangs in Every Space She Stages

published Jul 5, 2023
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Credit: Minette Hand

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? According to Amanda Wiss, founder of NYC-based home staging company Urban Staging, the answer is the mirror itself. She says that the reflective surface is her go-to piece when it comes to strategically hanging wall art in the spaces she stages for customers. Ahead, find out why it’s always been her favorite and why it will quickly become yours as well.

Her favorite piece has a lot of important features.

When it comes to picking out a mirror for the space, Wiss says bigger is better — especially when you’re trying to make a room look brighter or more spacious. “Mirrors are great almost anywhere in a staging: in the entry, at the end of a dark hallway, over a low dresser in a bedroom, and always in a living room,” she explains, adding that the 37” Umbra Hub Wall Mirror is her “superstar” when it comes to home staging.  

“It’s oversized, so it reflects a ton of light — a lifesaver, as one of our top goals in any staging is to amp up the natural light,” she continues. “And if windows and natural light are scarce, we can create our own by placing the Hub over a console with a lamp in front of it.” 

The mirror also has a rubber frame, so she says it holds up well to all the transport and moving that it goes through as she takes it from one home to another for staging. 

It allows you to create a focal point anywhere.

Another upside to the mirror is that it can draw your eye to a central location — something that’s important if you don’t have another big statement piece to work with. “We generally don’t use TVs in our stagings, but living rooms still need a focal point,” she explains. “The Umbra Hub’s generous size makes it perfect for this purpose. It’s a wonderful complement to the artwork that we install in our stagings, providing a different texture and reflecting and amplifying the vibrant colors of the art.”

Most stagers rave about mirrors.

Wiss isn’t the only one who has sung the praises of adding mirrors to interior spaces. Not only can it do everything she mentioned above, but it can also help make rooms with low ceilings feel taller, which is a good trick to have up your sleeve when it comes time to sell. 

But mirrors aren’t only good for those looking to impress a potential buyer — they can also be a great way to improve your space for yourself. I personally added a new mirror to my dark second-floor hallway recently to take advantage of some of the natural light from the bedrooms. It’s had the added benefit of allowing me to cut down on my electric bill because I no longer need the hall light during daylight hours, which makes it a win-win.