Here’s How Characters From ‘The Office’ Would Design Their WFH Spaces

updated Jul 20, 2020
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Still from the tv show The Office
Credit: NBC/Getty Images

With remote work the new norm amid COVID-19 quarantine, an online design space has reimagined how characters from “The Office” would style their work-from-home spaces. Modsy curated personalized spaces for Dunder Mifflin Paper Co. employees Michael Scott, Kelly Kapoor, Dwight Schrute, and Jim and Pam Halpert with specialized furniture and decor matched to each fictional characters’ personality. The best part? The items are available to shop. 

In the home office of Michael Scott, regional manager, a massive wooden arm chair is the ultimate statement piece. His “World’s Best Boss” mug would sit on top of a modern glass desk with an ebony desk chair to match. A dry erase board with an infamous “The Office” quote is propped against the indigo blue walls. For the glam office of Kelly Kapoor, customer service representative, various Zara shopping bags and a “Business B*tch” poster compliments the bold room with a translucent desk and blush pink chair. 

Next, for the office of Dwight Schrute, assistant to the regional manager, old farmhouse decor that invokes Schrute Farms fills the room. A framed portrait of Dwight and his cousin Mose hang behind an antique brown desk, which has a bobblehead and plate of a stapler in some jello on top. Finally, for the office of Jim and Pam Halpert, salesman and office adminstrator, family photos and a Phillies poster line the clean white walls. Two computers sit atop a sleek white desk with wood finishing. Check out the spaces—as well as commentary from Alessandra Wood, Modsy’s VP of style—below.

Michael Scott

Credit: Modsy

“Michael would want his home office to feel cool, but it wouldn’t be too edgy,” Wood says. “He [loves] to combine work and play, so while it’s completely functional, his bookcases would have more fun items than work-related supplies.” As for the carved-hand chair, Michael would “laugh his head off every time someone used it.” The office is “approachable and casual,” since he prefers the persona of “both a best friend and a boss.”

Kelly Kapoor

Credit: Modsy

“In 2020, Kelly most likely would be dedicated to style, trends, and all things chic and modern,” Wood says. “Her office is the manifestation of those things with a bold rug and a chic acrylic desk. We can see her as a boss b*tch at a tech fashion company. She probably even runs their influencer program, [since] Kelly is definitely in the know on what’s hot.”

Dwight Schrute

Credit: Modsy

Given his Pennsylvania Dutch background, Dwight would prefer “the simple things, like a rocking chair, but he would want to resume a position of power—especially in his own home,” Wood says. Dwight’s desk would face out so he could “look out onto his kingdom,” otherwise known as his beet farm. Wood also cites the “nods to the past, like candlesticks and tractor gears on the wall,” as well as fantasy objects like a “Harry Potter” wand.

Jim and Pam Halpert

Credit: Modsy

“Jim and Pam’s home office would be clean and personal” given their “family-friendly and inviting home,” says Wood. The space would be practical but still well-designed and intentional for all uses, such as an “office and art studio for Pam’s more creative endeavors.”