This Is Fall’s Biggest Home Decor Trend, According to Top Designers Like Nate Berkus

published Oct 8, 2022
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Remember Nate Berkus’ (and Jeremiah Brent’s) new-old townhouse reveal on the cover of Architecture Digest last month? Yeah, I’m still thinking about it, too. Aged mirrored walls, checkerboard flooring, and natural stone galore — plus, the story of the building being the couple’s first home together in New York and then selling and ultimately buying it back? Pretty unforgettable in my book, both emotionally and aesthetically. 

Berkus has never been one to follow trends in his projects or his own home really, but when I interviewed him earlier in the summer, upon the release of his mattress and sleep collection with Beautyrest, he did say one classic material seemed to be coming on strong for fall: Mohair (and faux mohair). You can see an example of a mohair bolster pillow above (in a chic Chicago condo) and in Berkus’ and Brent’s house tour, which has a mohair velvet rug from Marc Phillips in the family room.

Spun from a type of goat’s wool, mohair is incredibly insulating but also breathable — lustrous and durable. Its fibers can be dyed to all sorts of beautiful colors, and the soft feel and fuzzy look of this fabric drive home its luxe appeal, putting it in the same realm as cashmere, angora, and finer silks. Mohair can be used for everything from blankets and pillows to upholstery and rugs.

Credit: CB2

Berkus not alone in singling it (and its easier on the earth, imitation varieties) out for this season. CB2 currently carries dining (shown just above) and office chairs that sport faux mohair upholstery, and GOODEE offers a bold, Matisse-inspired mohair blend throw blanket in four gorgeous colorways. Lifestyle maven Athena Calderone’s collection for Crate & Barrel also features faux mohair dining chairs and faux mohair textiles, both in the loveliest of sage green shades, and at her collection launch event, she sung the praises of the look of this material, too. Pottery Barn has faux mohair blankets and a faux mohair plaid pillow in their holiday lineup, and Maiden Home is doubling down on the material with sofas, like their Varick silhouette (pictured below in moss green), and chairs, both of the accent and dining variety.

If you want to add a little luxury to your fall decor, seek out something mohair. This supple texture will add so much dimension to your sofas, chairs, and other seating. Blends and faux versions will be a little more budget-friendly (and just better for the goats out there), and don’t discount this style of fabric for an upholstery project either. It’d make a lovely ottoman, fabric footstool, or headboard material, too.