A Versatile Workhorse: Ideas for Using the IKEA Molger Bench All Around the House

published Jan 26, 2016
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(Image credit: Sean Galland)

If your furniture isn’t going to be beautiful, it should at least be versatile. Case in point: IKEA’s Molger bench. It’s not ugly by any means, but a bit plain and forgettable. But you can forgive it because it rings in at just under $40 and can report for duty all over your home. Take a look at these examples:

In the Bathroom

Molger is part of a bathroom storage line at IKEA, so it’s no stretch to see how useful this piece can be in the bathroom to hold towels, toilet paper or baskets of bath toys. Here in Matt’s Eclectic Luxury apartment it holds towels and. toilet paper.

(Image credit: Gregory Han)

In the Entryway or Mudroom

The Molger is a bench + storage making it ideal for corralling shoes as well as providing a spot to sit while you take them on and off. In Seonna’s Hillside Modern home, she tucks shoes underneath it but you could add storage baskets to the undershelf to hold gloves, mittens, bags, dog walking products, etc.

(Image credit: Little House Big City)

In the Kitchen or Small Dining Room

Chloe Joe of Little House Big City pushed two Molgers into a corner and added cushions to create cozy banquette seating in the corner of her laundry room. Consider this idea for a kitchen or in a in studio apartment. If you have a larger room why not try three or four Molgers together?

(Image credit: Manhattan Nest)

In the Kitchen, Another Use

This one is a bit of a cheat since it’s two Molger benches hacked together, but you can see how useful this set-up is in a kitchen. Initially, Daniel of Manhattan Nest had his benches side-by-side and he loved the shallow depth of them in his small kitchen, but wanted something taller so he took them apart and recombined them into this taller configuration. You can get his instructions here.

(Image credit: Manhattan Nest)

In the Living Room

Before Daniel (above) moved his Molgers to the kitchen he used them temporarily in the living room as a coffee table and media stand. At $40 each they’re a useful stand-in while you look for the furniture of your dreams.

(Image credit: IKEA Family Live)

In the Living Room, Another Idea

Sofa tables are popular, especially in small homes, because they provide storage or display space in an otherwise dead zone. Here, seen on IKEA Family Live, three Molgers are pushed together behind a large sectional to store magazines. You could use just one or two for a smaller sofa or loveseat.

(Image credit: Engineering a Home)

In the Bedroom

The Molger is an affordable option for an end-of-the-bed bench to sit on while you dress or, if you’re more like me, to throw clothes on at the end of the night. Source: Engineering a Home

(Image credit: Chucks for Chanco)

In the Backyard

Use as additional seating outside, seen here paired together or break them up to help the flow of your gathering. If you can swing it, cushions will add more comfort for your guests. Source: Chucks for Chanco

(Image credit: IKEA Hackers)

On a Balcony

Here’s another look at an inspiring outdoor setup, this time on a balcony. The shallow benches are lined up with Molger stools in between (the tops were left unassembled to hold planting pots) providing seating or a place for plants.

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