Molly Yeh’s Clever Tip for Hiding Baking Clutter Creates Instant Storage

published Mar 13, 2024
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Molly Yeh headshot on colored background
Credit: Chance Yeh/Getty Images

There are two kitchen essentials that seemingly refuse to stay organized: plastic food storage containers and sheet pans. They’re always in a jumble, and because sheet pans are both large and flat, they end up under everything else, or tucked into crevices in your kitchen you didn’t even know existed. But Chef Molly Yeh (cookbook author of Home Is Where the Eggs Are and host of Girl Meets Farm on Food Network) figured out a way to keep her sheet pans always within reach by converting a cabinet next to her sink into the ultimate sheet pan storage spot.

Pictured behind her in a recent Instagram posted on March 5, you can see the cabinet in action. Yeh installed brackets on the inside of the cabinet so she can slide her pans in and out, just like drawers. Bakers especially will love this idea because you can fit a ton into this space (sheet pans and baking racks alike) using one simple, streamlined storage method.

Even if you don’t have such a large sheet pan collection, this idea could still be put to good use in small kitchens. If you install a few brackets at the top of a large, open cabinet, you can store your sheet pans up top and keep your stand mixer or other large appliances at the bottom.

Using a long bracket like the one below could do the trick. Or you can opt to install a few smaller brackets along the inside of the cabinet — just make sure they’re level, or else things may get a little wonky.

Now, if only solving your food storage container problem could be this easy.