More Is More in This Moody, ’70s Style Home

published Apr 16, 2021

More Is More in This Moody, ’70s Style Home

published Apr 16, 2021
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Name: Matthew and Tiffany Schlittenhardt. Dogs: Gunner, Kahlua, and Whiskey. Reptiles: Tanith, Ducky, Uhtred, Little Foot, Tortellini, Young Stoney, Rick, and Morty
Location: United States in a neighborhood built in the 1970s.
Size: 1850 square feet
Type of Home: Single Family Home
Years lived in: 2 years, owned

Tiffany Schlittenhardt, a bridal stylist, and her husband Matthew, who’s in software sales, don’t just have a passion for ’70s style, they bought (and have been decorating) a home from the era. “We were on our way to see another property when we drove past this neighborhood and fell in love with the late ’70s slump block homes,” explains Tiffany. “From the curb, you can see into the house through a large half moon window and we imagined Christmas time and being able to see our tree from the street and we were sold.  The window also happens to be south-facing, which makes our living room a great place for plants.”

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Tiffany says they wanted their home to be a collection of all of their favorite things, and they chronicle their design passions on their Instagram, @The_vogel_haus. “Our goal was to create a space where we could showcase our art collection as well as our passion for interior design. We are looking forward to growing our collection and letting our creativity evolve the space over time,” writes Tiffany. “What you see today in our home is just the current chapter in a book that we haven’t finished.”

Apartment Therapy Survey:

My Style: Our style is a mix of mid-century and eclectic

Inspiration: A lot of the inspiration came from the vibe we wanted to create. Cozy like your grandma’s house with a touch of modern and funky. We have broad interior interests, which meant finding a way to make it all cohesive and practical. The mixture of styles and genres allows us flexibility when it comes to design choices. 

Favorite Element: The large half moon window at the front of the house. It sets the pace for the rest of the home.

Biggest Challenge: Moving from a one-bedroom apartment and filling the space without breaking the bank. We did this by only buying the things we needed, thrifting what we could, and buying furniture that we knew we were going to keep before we started our home journey.

Proudest DIY: The super graphic painted at the entryway all the way down the wall. Tiffany had never painted anything this big or in this style. Getting the spacing right, the edging where the colors meet, and the large “S” shape. A lot of patience and a steady hand.

Biggest Indulgence: The L-shaped curved couch. We spotted it a few months before finding our home and knew we had to have it. We chose to get it in a mustard yellow color. It became the perfect jump-off piece for the rest home.

Is there something unique about your home or the way you use it? Our home is laid out to have a front room, dining space, and living room. We never liked the idea of two living or dining rooms so we decided to use the dining space in a more practical way. We decided to use the area that should have been our dining room for our reptile collection. This allowed for more open space and an easier flow from room to room.

What are your favorite products you have bought for your home and why? The large floor mirror and mounted headboard (now plant display) in the main bedroom because they both are functional and decorative. The yellow couch is just comfy and fun. The shelving for our reptiles because it’s functional and looks nice. A Roomba and Bona floor cleaning products because we have three dogs. We also subscribe to Grove cleaning; they deliver environmentally-friendly cleaning products each month.

Please describe any helpful, inspiring, brilliant, or just plain useful small space maximizing and/or organizing tips you have: We keep all of our cleaning products on a rolling cart so we can take the whole cart to any space that needs to be cleaned. It has liquids, sponges, a towel, and a duster. Being a minimalist when it comes to products you use (dishes, Tupperware, towel, bedding etc). Make useful items part of your decor (coffee mugs hanging on the wall, fruit in a cute hanging basket, etc).

Finally, what’s your absolute best home secret or decorating advice? Don’t buy things you don’t have a plan for or aren’t absolutely in love with. This keeps our home curated and filled with items that tell a story or represent us specifically. Don’t be afraid of color; it creates joy and good energy in your home.






  • Dining table and cabinet — Thrifted
  • Snake console — West Elm
  • Shelving — Lowes
  • Art — Art festivals


  • Cabinet handles — Lowes
  • Fruit basket, mug hooks, light fixture — Amazon



  • Stool, counter mirror, soap and lotion dispenser — Target

Thanks Matthew and Tiffany!!

This house tour’s responses were edited for length and clarity.