The Smart $10 Find Everyone Needs in Their Gym Bag

updated Jul 30, 2020
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Odor-busting usually comes to mind when we’re talking about garbage cans or litter boxes. But there are other areas areas that smell less than pleasant. Take your gym bag (which you may now be slinging over your shoulder more often than you did in December, go you!) for example.

The thing about your gym bag and its contents is that you can’t immediately deal with offensive odors by tossing clothing in the wash or putting your sneakers in the freezer.

Luckily, there’s a small, effective, and inexpensive solution to gym bag stank: Mini Moso Natural Charcoal Air Purifying Bags.

I personally use a bigger version of these bags near our dog bed and litter box. It’s almost hard to believe in their effectiveness—the bags are so gimmick-less, they don’t even smell like anything! But they work for our home’s pet odors, and they’ll work on human gym gear odors, too.

What They Are

These air-purifying bags are small, inconspicuous deodorizing and air freshening bags that work without any fragrances or chemicals. They’re filled with bamboo charcoal, noted for its ability to attract and absorb elements like odor, bacteria, and moisture from the air. At less than five inches in size, they are small but mighty, eliminating odors without masking them.

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How to Use Them

Using Moso Charcoal Bags is as easy as tossing a few in your gym bag and basically forgetting about them. For more targeted odor-fighting, put a charcoal bag in each of your shoes.

You’ll need to reactivate the bags every few weeks by putting them outside. Simply set the bags in direct sunlight at least once per month. The UV rays will clean out the charcoal and make it potent again.

The Moso Charcoal Bags can be used for two years, making them extremely cost-effective. When they no longer work to absorb odors, add the charcoal to your garden soil for a nutrient boost.

Once you see how well these little bags work to bust odors in your gym bag, you may end up ordering more shapes and sizes to address all the smelly places in your home.