These Are Some of the Most-Loved Airbnbs Around the World

published Dec 3, 2023
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Sometimes your Airbnb can be a hit or a miss. The platform has more than 7 million homes all over the world, which means you can potentially run into a palatial pad that looks like it’s straight from an influencer’s Instagram feed — or a cozy cottage that’s filled with creepy dolls. That’s why the company just released some new upgrades, in the hopes that users will get a better idea of what they’re showing up to before they walk in the door. 

Shared in Airbnb’s Winter Release Highlights, the new changes include guest favorites, a collection of 2 million properties that top the site’s ratings, reviews, and reliability. There’s also a redesigned rating page designed to give guests a better idea of what each home is like. There’s also a listings tab, which has a set of new tools for hosts to manage their listing and showcase the specific details that guests are particularly interested in.  

“People often describe checking into an Airbnb as a  ‘moment of truth’— when you find out if the home you booked meets your expectations,” said Brian Chesky, Airbnb co-founder and CEO. “Too often, it doesn’t. We’re changing that today. With Guest Favorites, revamped reviews, and the new Listings tab, you’ll now know exactly what to expect every time you book.”

As you’d probably expect, the categories that feature the most Guest Favorite listings include everything from “Beach” and “Amazing Pools” to “Iconic Cities” and “Amazing Views.” As for where they’re located, the destinations are truly all over the place. The 10 countries and regions with the highest percentage of Guest Favorites listings are Ireland, New Zealand, Canada, Aruba, the U.S., Puerto Rico, French Polynesia, Iceland, the U.K., and Brazil. 

To give you an idea of some of the destinations that top the list, here are a few examples. First up is a hut in Kōshū-shi, Japan. A 200-year-old thatched house in the style of the Edo period, it’s filled with Japanese tatami mats for sleeping and unparalleled views of the mountains. It also has a nice price tag. At $175 per night, that will leave you with plenty left over to spend at the local 100-yen store. 

Another stunning one is the Star View Apartment in Ilhabela, Brazil. At just $98 per night, the 1-bed, 1-bath unit boasts a view of the river with a waterfall that belongs to the property. Over the bed, there’s also a panoramic ceiling with a lid that opens and closes via a remote control. By day, you can soak up the sun, and at night, enjoy the beauty of Brazil by starlight. Take a seat on the balcony to enjoy the lush tropical environment as you sip your morning coffee. 

A third example is this private home in the Yucca Valley. Welcoming as many as four guests in its two bedrooms, the 1,000-square-foot home is an A-frame loft anchored by a 12-foot spiral staircase that weaves to the top. Equipped with a hot tub, shaded patio, and stunning sunset views, it’s the perfect spot to rest your head if you’re headed to nearby Joshua Tree to catch some vibes. 

Of course, as any Airbnb user can attest, all of the properties that made it into the Guest Favorites have a solid record of reliability. Whether it’s host cancellations or customer service concerns, the properties that ranked the highest have only 1% of service issues.