These Are Most Searched Armchair Styles, According to One Study

published Aug 19, 2022
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There’s always that one chair in the living room that’s everyone’s favorite, and in many cases, it’s usually the armchair. But did you know that among armchairs there’s also a favorite?

U.K.-based online store Furniture Village has revealed the most popular armchair style from the last three years, and it’s the accent armchair by a wide margin. In their study, the company gathered search interest data from 2019 to 2021, with the following results:

Accent armchair (+149 percent)

It’s no surprise that the accent armchair topped the list. It’s a simple addition that can refresh a space — whether a living room, home office, or bedroom — in a big way. There are tons of options too, like velvet, boucle, and cane-webbing, so there’s an accent armchair for everyone.

Recliner armchair (+55 percent)

With the rise of remote work, many might have felt the need for a piece of furniture that could help them unwind at home. Enter the recliner armchair, which not only provides comfort by letting you put your feet up, but also alleviates back pain and improves posture. 

Leather armchair (+51.8 percent)

While recliner armchairs are known for their functionality, leather armchairs are known for their aesthetic value. This style of armchair can make a room feel luxurious with its quality material and classic color options like black, brown, and tan. In addition, those crafted with the best leather can last a lifetime!

Bergère armchair (+51.25 percent)

A bergère is an armchair that’s upholstered between the arms and the seat. It dates back to the 18th century during Louis XV’s reign, when furniture focused less on formality and more on comfort. It looks great in traditional interiors, which explains its recent popularity, coinciding with the rise of the cottagecore trend.