This Is the Most Popular Halloween Candy of the Last 16 Years

updated Oct 2, 2023
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Americans are set to spend a whopping $3.6 billion this year on Halloween candy. That’s a lot of sweets! But a lot of that goes to waste too; approximately $400 million worth of uneaten treats will be ignored or forgotten, then dumped in the trash.

How do you make sure the treats you’re giving away will not go to waste? The solution is simple. Just give candy that everyone loves.

CandyStore.com has revealed the most popular Halloween candy in America for 2023. Using data they’ve gathered from the past 16 years, they’ve come up with insights that can help you decide on which sweets to buy this October.

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1. Reese’s Cups

The classic combination of peanut butter and chocolate. It’s simple yet mouthwatering for adults and children alike. Reese’s is so beloved that it’s the top-selling candy brand in America, with more than $2 billion in annual sales.

2. M&Ms

It’s no surprise that M&Ms are on this list. The product is iconic, thanks to its button-shaped chocolates and anthropomorphic mascots. Plus, the brand is particularly a Halloween favorite, as its fun-size packs are just the right size for giveaways.  

3. Hot Tamales

Did you know that this spicy treat was the top-selling cinnamon candy of 1999? While it only comes in at third place on this list, it is the most popular sweet in Minnesota, New Mexico, and North Dakota.

4. Skittles

Another year-round favorite, there’s a flavor collection of Skittles for everyone, including Tropical, Wild Berry, Brightside, Dessert, Sweet Heat, Smoothie, and Sour.

Credit: Holly Vegter

5. Sour Patch Kids

A sharp burst of tartness on the outside, a sweet, gummy sensation on the inside. Sour Patch Kids are the best-selling Halloween candies in states like Delaware, Illinois, Maine, Nebraska, New York, and Texas.

6. Starburst

Similar to Skittles in that it offers a variety of flavors in different colors, Starburst is no stranger to lists like these. The brand is a favorite during the season, as its small packs are convenient to distribute during trick-or-treats.

7. Hershey’s Kisses

Hershey’s Kisses sell so well that 70 million of it are produced every day, with its factories running 24/7. In addition, enough Kisses are made annually to form a line more than 300,000 miles long!

8. Candy Corn

You either love it or hate it. According to culinary experts, some people love candy corn, as its smell can evoke childhood memories. Others who hate it, find the texture odd and the flavor overly sweet, which can produce palate fatigue. Which side are you on?

9. Hershey’s Mini Bars

Hershey’s assorted chocolates in a bulk bag are the perfect hassle-free treats. The variety of flavors makes sure there’s something for all. Its size guarantees there’ll be enough sweets to go around. And, the individually-wrapped pieces ensure the chocolates won’t make a mess.

10. Snickers

Even though Snickers may not be the top Halloween candy in the U.S., it is the number-one bestselling candy bar in the world, with 15 million bars made daily and with global sales of $3.6 billion!

With so much candy going around (and so much of it left uneaten), be sure to pick the ones that kids (or you!) will be excited to get this spooky season. Plus, you can always bake with any leftovers.