Turns Out, Americans Really Want to Learn How to Grow Potatoes

published May 28, 2022
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Person planting lettuce in a wooden box
Credit: Westend61/Getty Images

When it comes to gardening, planting your own vegetable garden can be extremely rewarding. You’ll feel a sense of accomplishment when your favorite veggies begin to sprout, and you’ll have access to the freshest ingredients for your salads, stews, and side dishes, right from your backyard.

From carrots and cucumbers to beets and kale, there’s the perfect vegetable to suit every climate and space—yes, you can even grow a vertical edible garden—but which is the most popular among Americans?

New research from AllAboutGardening.com analyzed Google Trends data to establish the vegetable that has highest search volume for “how to grow” it in each American state in the past five years. Potatoes came out as the most popular, with 14 states searching how to grow them more than any other vegetable—including Connecticut, Utah, Montana, and Oklahoma.

“Pre-sprouting or “chitting” your seed potatoes can jumpstart your harvest by up to two weeks and reduces the risk of rot and waste,” explained Logan Hailey, organic vegetable specialist at AllAboutGardening, in a press release. “To do this, you should lay your potatoes out in an even single layer on a tray or in egg cartons, place them in a light area (such as a window sill or porch) with the optimum temperature ranging from 60-70°F  and let them sprout until they’re around an inch long before planting.” 

Credit: AllAboutGardening.com

According to the research, cucumbers are the second most popular vegetable that Americans want to learn how to grow at home (seven states), while six states are keen to grow their own beets, including Colorado, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Alabama. Carrots and zucchinis came in at joint fourth place, with five states searching for them both the most, while onions, bell peppers, and squash are the most popular vegetable in four different states respectively.

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