8 Genius, Useful Websites for When You’re Bored, Uninspired, or Both

published Dec 28, 2021
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Credit: Kristen Curette Hines/Stocksy

Y’all ever feel like you’ve kinda… reached the end of the internet? Especially on sick days or over the holidays, it’s easy to feel like you’ve scrolled past every Instagram post, seen every Facebook update, done all your online shopping, and hit up every news and entertainment site you can think of.

According to Reddit (a site I usually hit up when I’m feeling bored, uninspired, or both), there is an absolute treasure trove of websites that you’ve not only likely never heard of, but that are also extremely useful. Whether you need information, a diversion, or just another batch of sites to bookmark for when you want to surf the net (yes, I’m 100 years old), these actually brilliant suggestions will do just the trick.

Coolors.co is a color palette generator.

“Randomly generates 5 matching colors for you to use for paint jobs or designing.” —Particular_Ham

Tineye and Foto Forensics will help you do a better reverse image search.

Tineye and Foto Forensics. Do you want to know if an image is shopped, cropped or otherwise altered? Using these two tools you’ve got a good chance of finding out. Tineye is reverse image search on steroids and foto forensics provides free image analysis tools.” —jekylphd

Twoseven.xyz lets you stream and watch movies with your friends in sync.

Twoseven.xyz — Allows you to watch and sync Netflix, [Amazon] Prime Video, downloaded videos, streaming from browser, youtube with your friends while opting to be on voice/video call with them for FREE and NO ADS.” —Weirdzillaed

Project Gutenberg is a free one-stop shop for all copyright-free books.

Project Gutenberg. Taking all the books that are copyright free and making digital copies available.

In college and the school wants you to buy the complete works of Shakespeare for $40? Fuck that noise! Free!” —GlobalPhreak

Archive.org makes thousands of books from the Library of Congress available at your fingertips.

“Also archive.org — there’s tons of books scanned from the Library of Congress, many are available in their entirety completely free and the ones with limited views you can get by making an account and ‘checking them out’ digitally — literally just click a button and you can see the whole thing, including being able to search for specific words and zoom in and out.

I do a lot of sewing and pattern drafting and they have amazing books from the 1800s full of information and patterns that I’d never be able to find, let alone afford. Such an amazing resource, I’m surprised it’s not more popular!” —kithesile

Deepl.com is a world-class language translator.

“Best translator I’ve found. It’s quite intuitive and even translates idioms and slang. They’ve got around 20 languages as of their most recent update.” —sand_pipers

Radio.Garden lets you listen to any radtio station in the U.S.

http://radio.garden/visit — you can hear radios live from all around the world. (I recommend accessing on computer or installing the app on mobile).” —VRicci92

Oldgames Download has all of your favorite old-school computer games available to play.

“Download and Play the games from the early 90’s and 2000s on your Windows machine! I personally Play NFSMW 2005 and Counter Strike. Brings back [a] lot of memories.” —sweetFLUFFYpanda