I Feel Like I Can Clean Anything After Watching These 3 Motivational Cleaning Videos

published Aug 7, 2022
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Credit: Studio Firma/Stocksy

The other day, I downloaded and printed out a checklist for deep-cleaning my home. It’s not because my place is messy. It’s because I’ve been motivated to clean everything in sight thanks to a very specific genre of YouTube videos. They’re billed as “motivational cleaning,” and the ones I watch depict Asia-based cleaning teams heading into the nastiest homes and getting the entire place sparkling.

I watch the videos to relax while I’m in bed about to fall asleep. I never watch them with sound — I don’t want to wake up my partner while I’m geeking out over cleaning — so I have no idea what’s being said, if anything. But each video is like a full emotional release at a fast pace. I watch something go from incredibly messy to beautiful in about 10 stunning time-lapse minutes, and it’s extremely satisfying.

Here are a few of my favorites.

This video really gets me because I can see a place that’s pretty much covered in filth (like massive amounts of cat litter and straw) go from that to empty. It helps me realize that no matter how much clutter or mess is around the home, there’s still a clean place underneath it — I just need to take a bit of time to get to it.

I watched this video after I spent about 20 minutes beating my throw blanket outside to get all the cat fur off. At the beginning of this one, they’re vacuuming a blanket. It clicked for me that I could do that too. I don’t know why I never thought of it, but I’m glad I saw it because now I feel like I have a new skill!

I’ll be honest, this video just gets me because it makes me feel better about my kitchen. I may think it’s messy now, but seeing this… that’s a whole other level. I think this video gives a pretty good overview of what some of the cleaning tools can do, like a scraper and trusty steel wool. And I’ve actually started to use steel wool a lot more often now too.

After I watch these videos, I feel like I can clean anything. I’ve seen proof that terrible messes can be vanquished with some elbow grease and skill. Watching everything get organized and put away is a little bit of a thrill for me, the same one I feel when I clean something up at home. I always tell my partner that to me, a cluttered home is a cluttered mind, and these videos give me a chance to clear my mental cobwebs without lifting a finger — except for when I check another thing off that cleaning list the following day.