Moving Questions: What Will You Miss/Look Forward To Most?

updated Oct 12, 2022
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As our family has been preparing to move from a new-ish house in town to a crazy little farmhouse way out in the country, we’ve been discussing all the things we’re excited about, and all the things we have to admit we’ll miss…

I think saying things like this out loud can be crucial, especially for kids. Transitions generally inspire complicated emotions, and kids don’t have as much experience handling complicated emotions as we do — and it’s not like we adults handle them perfectly! Focusing on the positive while acknowledging the negative has been our way of bridging the gap between the home we’ve loved and the home we’re sure we’ll love.

I’ll keep the rest of the family’s answers private, but here are mine:

I’ll most miss…

  1. Our fireplace: what kind of farmhouse doesn’t have a fireplace?!
  2. Living within biking distance of a proper town: post office, thrift store, library, video store, two grocery stores, two Mexican grocery stores, public pool, hardware stores, two great pizza places, and two great Mexican restaurants.
  3. The en suite bathroom in the master bedroom: I had no real idea such a luxury existed (although you could say that in studio apartments, everything is en suite), but it is glorious.

I’m most looking forward to…

  1. The most beautiful yard in the Midwest, full of apple trees, weeping willows, lilacs, and native flowers, overlooking hundreds of acres of prairie.
  2. The triple-wide hammock in the aforementioned yard.
  3. Living in a totally new way/place: I’ve lived in cities for 32 years and small towns for two years, but I’ve never lived in the country. We shall see.

What do you miss the most about your last home? What do you love the most about your current home?