This Everyday School Item Unexpectedly Became My All-Time Favorite Home Storage Solution

published Aug 5, 2022
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Moving can be a chore, but it’s also a fantastic time to take a close look at your belongings and make big decisions on what you keep and what stays behind. Then, there are other times when life makes the decision for you. I’ve had a set of bookcases that have moved with me out of my parents’ house and traveled through multiple states and two apartments. My luck ran out during my most recent move when the tall one literally fell apart as we carried it upstairs. To be fair, it was already in pretty bad shape, but I hadn’t gotten to a point of finding a replacement ahead of its inevitable demise. Suddenly down a significant chunk of my storage options, I figured it was a good time to try something different. 

I picked up these industrial pipe shelves for my dining area and a pair of these teal bookcases from Target for my art books, music memorabilia, and graphic novels that needed re-shelving. Even after that, I was still short on storage as I was moving into an apartment one bedroom larger and shifting into a WFH lifestyle. So, when I heard about Mustard Made’s stylish lockers and colorful accessories, I knew immediately that it was the refreshing change that I needed and jumped at the opportunity to try one out for myself. For additional office storage, I went with The Midi.

Mustard Made’s lockers arrive disassembled, so getting the box for The Midi locker into my apartment was extremely easy since it was reasonably flat. Based on the locker’s measurements from the website, I knew where I wanted to place it, but still had to do the work of actually clearing the space in my office. As a result, I put the locker together in my living room with plans to move it to its proper place shortly after. 

The Midi is recommended for offices, children’s rooms, entryways, hallways, and kitchens for various duties. I’m using mine for office supplies and extra storage for books, device cords, and more. There’s also a hole in the back for power cords, which is great because it means I can put my Cricut machine or a printer inside of it and still use them.

To begin, I unpacked all of the locker panels along with the box containing the hardware and keys. There’s an instruction sheet inside that breaks every step down, which I’ll admit intimidated me at first glance, but turned out to be so simple and thorough. You don’t need tools to put it together, although I did use a flathead screwdriver to push down a tab that was in a tight space. I put locker together all on my own, but it’ll go faster if you have a second person to help you by holding some parts still while you lock them together. Even so, putting the locker together is a fairly quick process and it’s a lot of fun to see it coming together. I never thought about how lockers are constructed until I put this one together on my own. It was also light enough for me to shimmy it into the office once I cleared out the floorspace I needed.

Credit: Britt Franklin

What totally sold me on The Midi was seeing how much it can hold. I was able to put all of my office documents and tools inside, and still had a ton of space for other items. In addition to the locker itself, I also picked up a set of The Baskets from Mustard Made, which come in the same colors as the lockers so you can match them up (or not). Having the storage baskets made it possible to put away smaller supplies, like label maker refills and Post-Its, without cluttering up the shelves. There’s also space to place items on top of the locker and underneath it. In fact, I have a few boxes stashed below the locker that would otherwise be shoved into a corner.

In addition to The Midi, Mustard Made has four other locker styles for homes of all sizes, including small spaces.

  • The Skinny – This slim, single locker was the first of Mustard Made’s designs and can be used solo or placed alongside another Skinny to create a row of lockers. If you have space in your bathroom, you could put one in there to hold linens, toilet paper, cleaning supplies or even robes and clothing. It comes with a removable hanging rail, four adjustable shelves and two hooks, and has a cable hole and wall attachment points.
  • The Twinny – A wardrobe-style locker that can be used as a closet for both children and adults. It comes with two removable hanging rails, four adjustable shelves, and four hooks. This locker has cable holes on both sides, and wall attachment points.
  • The Shorty – This petite locker can function as a nightstand, being only 28.3” high. There are two types of the locker available in each other: You can get it with a door that opens to the left or one that opens to the right. Even with its small size, The Shorty has the same equipment as the other lockers, arriving with two adjustable shelves and one hook. It also has a cable hole and wall attachment points.
  • The Lowdown – At 39.3” wide, The Lowdown is the widest of all Mustard Made lockers and for good reason: You can use it as a TV console! It’s the same height as The Shorty, putting your TV at a great height, and it has a cable hole so you can keep all your gaming devices inside unseen. This locker can be used in a bedroom, entryway, or office. It comes with one adjustable shelf (in two parts) and two hooks, and has wall attachment points as well.

Before picking out your locker, I strongly suggest deciding ahead of time where you’re likely to place it. For instance, I almost got The Lowdown for my office supplies, but went with The Midi because it was going to be placed near my desk. I absolutely love how the Midi locker looks in my office, and it’s never been easier to find all my WFH tools in one place. Also, the versatility of Mustard Made’s lockers makes them pieces to hold onto for the long haul. If I ever wanted to use my Midi locker for another purpose, I wouldn’t have to think twice about doing so. 

Along with their super stylish lockers and storage baskets, Mustard Made has additional accessories like extra shelves, hangers, and even magnets. They’re fun to fill and decorate, so you can truly make them your own. They also come in an impressive 11 colors, including white and slate, so you can choose a shade that goes with your home aesthetic. I already have ideas for other lockers that I want to bring into my space for other uses. Most of all, I just love that I didn’t have to settle for another boring bookshelf!

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