I Don’t Normally Like Cooling Sheets, But This Best-List Favorite Changed My Mind for the Most Unexpected Reason

published May 5, 2022
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My Sheets Rock has earned our best overall award in our list of The Best Cooling Sheets for two years in a row now with their single offering: A set of bamboo rayon sheets aptly named “The Regulator.” That’s right, My Sheets Rock sells one product — and I finally understand why. AT editor Sarah Vazquez has been talking about these sheets for months, and because summer is creeping closer to New York City, I decided to take the plunge myself and try them out. And “plunge” is just the right word to describe the experience.

When I first pulled “The Regulator” set out of the box (which gave me a drumroll audio, by the way), the sheets slipped through my fingers like liquid. They are the smoothest sheets I’ve ever felt, yet very different from cotton sateen or silk. “The Regulator” sheets are made with a fine bamboo rayon knit, the higher density of which (compared to cotton sheets) virtually eliminates any textured feel while still keeping them lighter in weight. They have the sheen of sateen and drape of silk bedding, but “The Regulator” sheets never cling, insulate too much, or get sticky.

If I’m honest, though, I was actually deterred by the fact that “The Regulator” sheet set is our best overall cooling option. For me, there are few things better than folding into a flannel-clad bed at night, regardless of the season. I love instant coziness, but lately this has meant accepting midnight sweats as a consequence. What I’ve needed, as it turns out, is a soft set of temperature regulating sheets, not temperature altering. “The Regulator” sheets let me slink into an instantly comfortable bed, allow my fluctuating body temperature do its thing, and give me uninterrupted sleep through it all.

These sheets do the work for me, making themselves more comfortable around my body, so I don’t have to be flipping pillows or hunting for the cool side of the bed at 2 a.m. “The Regulator” sheets give me my beloved coziness, keeping me warm so I don’t have to sleep in sweats, but also prevent me from waking up sweating. Ever. They keep my hair from tangling or frizzing, allow my skin to stay hydrated, and let me wear my nice pajamas without worrying about sweating through them, getting cold, or even wrinkling them. These sheets aren’t just exceptional for hot sleepers, they’re for everyone.