Nate Berkus Loves This Vintage Sofa So Much, He Bought It Twice

published Jun 5, 2023
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Headshot of nate berkus
Credit: Photos: Getty Images; Design: Apartment Therapy

Though some may argue that material things shouldn’t hold any sentimentality, sometimes, it’s really difficult not to fall in love with an object and attach emotional value to it. Designer Nate Berkus is actually all about filling his space with sentimental pieces, and one of the most prized sentimental objects he and his husband Jeremiah Brent have in their home is a vintage Soriana Softa from Scarpa.

“You guys have seen this in my home in California,” Berkus said of the Soriana sofa behind him in a May 31 Instagram video. “You saw us put it on a truck and move it all the way to our townhouse in New York City where we sold it to the people who bought our townhouse.”

The couple’s first Soriana was first a clean white, then a heathered gray, and held court in both living room designs in each home. When the deal was said and done, Berkus said he and Brent looked at each other and said, “Wow, that was a hard one to give up.”

So when Brent and Berkus officially moved back into their NYC townhouse, they felt as though something was missing. “So, it is back,” Berkus said. “We found another vintage Soriana sofa.”

“It’s really funny because Jeremiah says he doesn’t really care about things and I wrote a book called The Things That Matter,” Berkus continued. “I just have so many memories of hanging out with Poppy when she was a baby on this sofa, or sitting watching TV with Jeremiah at night.”

And although Berkus admits that he loves the design of the couch (“I love this era — this ‘60s, ‘70s Italian Milanese moment.”), he’s now more in love with the memories attached to it.

“Welcome back, sofa,” he said. Now the family can make even more memories with the sofa at the heart of their story.