If You Had a Neon Sign in Your Home, What Would It Say?

published Feb 21, 2023
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A bright flashy sign awash in the glow of neon light is the kind of decor element you’d expect to find on the back wall of a dark bar or flickering above the storefronts that line busy streets. But in recent years, neon signs have effloresced into a hot home decor trend, thanks to Gen Z’s proclivity for all things ‘80s and ‘90s. And if certain decorating choices reveal bits and pieces about you, then the type of statement you’d choose to illuminate on your wall must speak volumes. 

First, there’s the color selection — pink and blue are classic signage hues, but you can get neon signs in just about any shade of the rainbow. Then, there’s the font to consider. Perhaps you’re a modern minimalist who prefers a clean typeface, or maybe you’re a vintage lover who favors a more romantic handwritten script. If you have a bold style, you might opt for all caps, or you might be someone who appreciates subtlety and favors all lowercase letters, or maybe you fall somewhere in between and prefer the title case. 

Most importantly, though, it’s what the sign actually says that ultimately conveys your statement to the world, and to yourself. A mantra like “Babe, You Look So Cool” delivers an empowering message, and when lit up in neon pink on a bright pink wall, as seen in this house tour, also dials up the style of your space. But if you prefer something with a little levity, slogans like “Welcome to the Jungle” and “This Must Be the Place” can infuse a bit of humor into the everyday. If you’re in need of a good motivator, statements like “Hustle” and “You Got This” could offer a little extra nudge. Or maybe you just really love your cat and want to display its name, especially if it’s something cool like “Jimmy Jazz,” as seen in this house tour

With so many options, there is endless potential to choose a sign that fits your style and personality. So what kind of neon sign would you choose, and what would you want it to say? Whatever you’d decide, one thing is certain — it would make a stylish statement no matter where you hang it.