This TikToker Transformed an Old Nightstand into a Cat Bed

published Jul 7, 2023
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It’s the purr-fect upcycle.

TikTok user and upcycling expert @craftygirllifehacks has come up with a DIY project that turns a bedside table into an adorable cat bed.

In her video, the content creator begins the transformation by removing the drawers and sliders. After that, she sands down the item, recommending this step for paint that’s chipped and cracked. She then applies two to three coats of paint. To give it some personality, she puts up floral wallpaper on the back wall. And finally, to finish the hack, she puts back one of the drawers and adds a cushion and a heated blanket to coax her pet to actually use the bed.

The result is a piece of furniture that can be used by both the cat and its owner, with the former using it for rest and relaxation, and the latter using it like she would a regular bedside table.

“Maui loves her new bed,” wrote the TikToker.

In addition, what’s also great about this hack is that it lessens visual clutter. Whereas a regular cat bed could appear messy by being left out in the open, this one hides the cushion in plain sight.

Of course, if you do this for your own pet, usage may vary. One commenter said, “I did [something similar] with a vintage TV unit and my cat never used it. Any cardboard box, yes.”

Another added: “If I went to all that effort, my cat wouldn’t touch it,” to which @craftygirllifehacks replied, “I was worried about that. I did have to tempt him with catnip at first!”

Someone also said, “My cats trash wallpaper in seconds.” The content creator responded, “So far this has stayed in place and not shredded to ribbons.”

We’re sure Maui will enjoy her cat naps even more.