This Simple $8 Tool Pulls Double Duty in My Kitchen

published May 2, 2023
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When the pandemic hit, I, like many other folks, delved into baking. Although I’d never baked before, I became convinced that like the contestants on the “Great British Bake Off,” I, too, could make cakes that resembled celebrities. I bought all the bread- and cake-baking tools, but a simple scraper has outlasted my short-lived obsession. 

At the height of my amateur baking career, I used the Norpro Stainless Steel Scraper/Chopper to cleave and gently pry dough. Now I also use it to scrape my counters as I’m cleaning. It’s great for tricky residues (like day-old maple syrup) and run-of-the-mill crumbs.

When my kids make pancakes, this scraper is there to get under the dried mess. When the seeds of an everything bagel are strewn all over the kitchen island, the scraper helps corral them into the sink. It’s sturdy, but it doesn’t scratch my countertops. A few years back, I bought abrasive sponges, hoping they’d do better than cloth in removing the mess. But after a few scratches, I realized the tough sponges only work on very resilient surfaces. 

My scraper reminds me of the smaller versions used in high-end restaurants — the ones servers use to tidy up the table between courses. When it comes to cooking, I can also scrape chopped scallions into a bowl or separate ingredients. And admittedly, whipping it out at a dinner party always makes me feel a little fancy. 

Credit: Jordan Souza

As a home organizer, I occasionally found old credit cards stored with cleaning supplies. Clients told me they used them to pry up sticky messes. It seemed novel, but then I realized I did the same thing but simply used a different tool. An important note: I don’t store my scraper under the sink with my cleaning supplies. It’s in my trusty baking bin because it’s primarily used as a cooking tool. 

Dishwasher-safe and pretty to look at, this versatile tool adds a little spark of joy to my cleaning, baking, and cooking routines.

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