This New Rug Trend is the Easiest Way to Make Your Living Room More Interesting

published Feb 17, 2020
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If you want to spice up your room, it’s time to think outside the box—boxy rug, that is. Non-rectangular rugs are becoming more and more popular in the design world as an easy way to add interest to your space. “An irregularly shaped rug can instantly make a statement in a room, similar to a focal piece of artwork,” says Jenny Kaplan, co-founder of Pieces by An Aesthetic Pursuit. Pieces is a product design company known for their imaginative rethinking of the color, shape, and material of everyday furniture and decor. This group has been making irregularly shaped rugs since its inception, and they’ve become a signature element of their brand. Kaplan loves the fact that you can use an irregularly shaped rug’s geometry to guide your furniture placements—try a circular coffee table on a circle shaped rug, for instance.

We love the look of these rugs as a focal point in a living room, but you could certainly use them elsewhere in a home. Ready to liven up your room with an outside-the-box rug design? We found seven styles to get you started on your search for the perfect odd shaped rug. 

Tufted Stripe Illusion Rug

Stripes and an unconventionally shaped rug? I’m sold. This graphic stunner would be easy to work with in a room, thanks to its classic black-and-white colorway.

Buy: Tufted Stripe Illusion Rug, Starting at $78 for a 2′ x 3′ rug from Anthropologie

Credit: Pieces

Track Rug

Mimicking the shape and style of a running track, this colorful rug features a curved edge and multicolored “lanes” and an “infield.” The reds and pinks are a play on the “bright colors found in sport uniform and courts,” according to Kaplan. This piece would be a great anchor piece for a bold, energetic living room.

Buy: Track Rug, $960 for 4’x6’ from Pieces by An Aesthetic Pursuit

Nanimarquina Lattice Blue Rug

For a subtle foray into the oddly shaped rug world, try this hand-woven Afghan wool rug. It’s almost rectangular, but each “row” is slightly longer than the next, giving it an irregular, stepped-up shape. The various misaligned strips of color contribute to a beautifully imperfect look.

Buy: Nanimarquina Lattice Blue Rug, $820 for 2’8”x4’3” from MoMA Design Store

Credit: Bellacor

Gypsy Slate & Navy Rug

Talk about artistic! This swirly rug looks like something out of a Van Gogh painting, so it’s sure to capture attention and give your room a contemporary look. And if you’re into a more natural vibe, this rug almost reads as geodes in this gray colorway.

Buy: Gypsy Slate & Navy Rug, Starting at $358.80 for 3’x5’ from Bellacor

Credit: Overstock

Faux Sheepskin Rug

Sheepskin rugs are already having a moment. Get in on both the cozy rug trend and the irregular rug trend by investing in an organic, shapely faux sheepskin rug. Many have a choppy, wavy look to them that adds a soothing feel to a space. Plus, they’re so soft and warm, you’ll want them all over your floors.

Buy: Silver Orchid Russell Faux Sheepskin Rug, $171 $90.79 for 4’9”x6’ from Overstock

Credit: Pieces

Sunset Rug

Maybe you don’t always wake up in time for sunrise or stop each day to enjoy the sunset, but with this cheery rug, you’ll at least get a taste of those beautiful moments every day. The peachy-orange center that pops out of the bright yellow rectangular frame is as soothing as it is intriguing.

Buy: Sunset Rug, $960 for a 4’x6’ from Pieces by An Aesthetic Pursuit

Credit: Overstock

Safavieh Hollywood Abstract Rug

Another entry-level rug for the irregular newbies, this guy isn’t super out there with its shape (it’s just a circle, after all), but it spices things up with its mix of colors and patterns. Some bright boxes here, horizontal stripes there, a few triangles in the mix—all combine to add interest to the circular design.

Buy: Safavieh Hollywood Tatianna Mid-Century Modern Abstract Rug, $520.08 $109.57 for 6’7”x6’7” from Overstock