Here’s How Olivia Wilde Spends Her Perfect Night In

updated May 3, 2019
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Perfect Night In is a series where we ask actors, artists, entrepreneurs, and beyond how they’d spend the ultimate luxury—a blissful evening at home.
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What comes to mind when you think of Olivia Wilde? It might be her role as Dr. Remy “Thirteen” Hadley on the well-known series “House,” or her job as chief brand activist for natural skin care brand True Botanicals. And maybe you’ve heard about the sustainable tiny home that she helped build with Dunkin’ Donuts, which runs solely on spent coffee grounds (!!!).

Either way, her long list of accomplishments grants her a relaxing night in or two. But then the question arises, what would she do during her downtime? Would she be alone or surrounded by others; ordering in or cooking up something delicious? And what would she be watching?

Good news, we found out just that. See below for how Wilde enjoys her time in, and get ready for a few cozy surprises.

(Image credit: Jenny Chang-Rodriguez)

Set The Scene

Your perfect homebody scene in five words: Sweatpants, fire, movie, family, wine.

Are you alone or with someone else? With everybody together.

Night-in uniform: The softest possible sweatpants and sweatshirt.

What two people, dead or alive, would you let crash your night? Gilda Radner! I love Gilda Radner. And Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

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Now Playing

TV or a movie? Movie.

What are you watching? “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” with the whole family.

E-books or the real deal? The real deal.

Currently reading? I just read Michael Pollan’s book, “How to Change Your Mind.” I love what he did for the food revolution, but he’s also just an incredible investigative thinker. It’s all about using hallucinogens to treat depression and other disorders. It’s an interesting discussion on how we view mental health and hallucinogenic drugs and the kind of ancient connection between those two things.

Silence or music? Music. There’s always music in our home.

Board games, yay or nay? Yay! Scrabble.

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What’s Cooking

Order in or cook for yourself? Order in.

What are you eating? Really good Thai food or really good Italian food that travels well and is good to eat the next day.

What drink are you pouring? Red wine.

What’s for dessert? I’m a chocolate mousse person.

Late-night snack? I like to cook late at night, so I love making pasta and pizza, but it usually ends up being ice cream.

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Take Care

Do you have a self-care ritual? I’m really into face oils. I have this one that is my favorite from True Botanicals and it’s all non-toxins. I want to align myself with companies who are trying to do things differently, and their products are incredible. Especially with having two little kids, that also means having 10 minutes by yourself, which becomes more and more valuable.

What do you try to avoid at all costs? Conference calls.

Candles: yay or nay? Yay! A really natural one.

Face masks: yay or nay? Yay.

Bubble bath: yay or nay? Yay! I love to take baths, although some people don’t like them. I have a 100-year-old clawfoot tub, and it’s perfectly formed.

Chores: yay or nay? Yay, I love folding laundry.

Ideal bedtime? 10 p.m. It never happens.

Thanks, Olivia!