10 Online Pet Brand Startups That’ll Make Both You and Your Best Friend Happy

updated Oct 27, 2020
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When it comes to pets, I’m sure I’m not the only one who’d do just about anything to keep their tails wagging. Whether you’ve got a dog, cat, rabbit, or fish, it’s safe to say you want to give them the very best—and lately, that’s been easier to accomplish than ever before. The retail pet space has shifted online, making it super easy to get quality pet food, accessories, and even supplements delivered right to your home. We rounded up the ten online pet startups you need to know about—taken together, they have just about everything you could need for your furry friend. 

The Farmer’s Dog

If you’ve made a personal commitment to eat healthier, consider extending that resolution to your pet, too. The Farmer’s Dog provides human-grade food for your dog, delivered right to your door. Made without preservatives, brown pellets, label tricks, or any “meals”, the Farmer’s Dog food is science-driven and pet-approved. Plus, all meals are pre-made and pre-portioned to fit your dog’s individual needs.

Buy: The Farmer’s Dog Subscription, starts at $2/day

Credit: goodboy


Keep your pup in tip-top health with goodboy, the personalized pet supplement company. Whether you want to improve your dog’s joint health or help them with anxiety, these supplements are tailored to your dog’s exact age, breed, and more to give them just what they need. All supplements are made from premium ingredients and have no unnecessary additives or fillers.

Buy: Goodboy Supplements, $35

Credit: Wild One

Wild One

No one ever said that pet supplies had to be ugly, right? If your trying to up your pet’s style, you’ll love the collection of thoughtfully curated pet supplies at Wild One. From sleek dog bowls to a variety of fun toys, you won’t be embarrassed to have these products lying around. And if you really love the brand, you can save buy shopping the Kits, which include a bundle of products.  

Buy: Wild One Starter Kit, starts at $407 $350

Credit: Ollie


Ollie is another stellar home delivery food subscription for your pup. The human-grade ingredients consist of high-quality meat, fruits, veggies, and superfoods, plus they contain zero fillers. Ollie offers a regular yet flexible delivery service, so you’ll never have to worry about running out. Better yet, Ollie sources all its food from family-run farms in the U.S. and Australia, so you and your pup will be happy about this switch. 

Buy: Ollie Subscription, starts at $2/day

Credit: Smalls


We’ve covered our pooch pals, so let’s talk felines. If you’re looking for a convenient cat food delivery service, check out Smalls. This customizable service is tailored to your cat’s specific needs and preferences, and allows for your cat to sample several kinds before you commit. Never throw away a case of cat food that your cat snubbed again. 

Buy: Smalls Subscription, starts at $28 for 4 weeks

Credit: NomNomNow


If you’ve got more than one furry friend, say a cat and a dog, look no further than NomNomNow, the one-stop cat and dog shop. NomNomNow sells food, treats, and supplements, so you can get everything you need for all your pets, and all recipes are formulated by veterinarians to contain no artificial preservatives, fillers, “meal” protein, or by-products.

Buy: NomNomNow Subscription, starts at $27/week

Credit: Dandy


Speaking of treats, Dandy sells personalized, vet-approved dog treats. These treats are 100 percent customized to support your dog’s current and long-term goals, eliminating the guesswork of figuring out what your dog needs as the seasons change and they get older. Dandy delivers four supplement treats per day that work together to fill the gaps in their wellness, so while your dog gets to enjoy a little snack, you get to enjoy peace of mind. 

Buy: Dandy Subscription, starts at $40/month

Credit: Jinx


If your dog is a kibble lover, but you feel guilty giving it to them, you need to try Jinx. Jinx focuses on creating premium dry dog food with quality ingredients, like fresh salmon, organic chicken, and pumpkin. The nutritious recipes are backed by years of research, and the food never contains fillers or artificial ingredients. Aside from kibble, Jinx also sells treats and “dog sauce”.

Buy: Jinx Kibble, $25

Credit: Cat Person

Cat Person

Cat Person is a brand so funky we can’t ignore it. This cat food and supplies company creates cleverly designed cat beds, bowls, toys, and accessories, plus meal plans. Their gear is as functional as it is chic (just check out this 3-in-1 canopy bed!), and their food offerings include options for wet and dry food, plus treats.

Buy: Cat Person Meal Plan, starts at $25 for 4 weeks

Credit: Pet Plate

Pet Plate

For real food cooked fresh for your dog, try Pet Plate. Pet Plate meals are made with no rendered meats or by-products, and no artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors. Your dog will seriously love this good-for-them food, made with USDA meats, fruits, and veggies. With dog treats like organic chicken apple sausage bites and meals made with lamb, chicken, and beef, your pup will be thrilled with this new addition to his cuisine. 

Buy: Pet Plate Subscription, starts at $3/day