The Constantly Sold Out Plush Bath Towels That Made Our Best List Are Finally Back in Stock (and On Sale!)

published Dec 11, 2023
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Once I moved out on my own many years ago, one of the home essentials I started to care more about was my bathroom towels. Since I no longer had to share linens with my two brothers who didn’t care what their towels looked like, I happily took the opportunity to discover my own personal tastes and upgrade my living space accordingly.

Onsen was my introduction to waffle bath towels and I loved them so much, I replaced my primary bath linens with them (in multiple colors). When the brand released its plush bath towels, I was fortunate enough to be able to try them out. And guess what? I loved those, too! However, just when I was ready to tell everyone all about them, the towels sold out. Most of the towels were gone for months except for one color of the bath sheet, which made our Best List this year. The good news is that Onsen’s Wovey Plush Towel collection is back in stock from face towels to bath sheets — and everything in between — just in time for the holidays.

What is the Wovey Plush Towel Collection?

As Onsen is known for their ultra-absorbent waffle bath essentials, Wovey is the brand’s stylish take on a plush alternative. The towels are made from 100% Aegean cotton grown in Turkey and are strength-tested and pre-washed for optimal durability and softness. Compared to the waffle bath towels, Onsen’s plush and fluffy Wovey collection definitely has more weight to it in a good way. They provide excellent coverage and absorbency, and once you get a feel of them, you’ll see that they’re the type of luxe towels you’d imagine being stocked in a upscale hotel suite.

Described to feel like “a warm hug” when you wrap them around you (a fact I can confirm), these towels are also OEKO-TEX-certified, which means they’re free from over 300 toxic chemicals. They’re available in three colors and four sizes that include face towels, hand towels, bath towels, and bath sheets. The Plush Complete Set includes one of each so you can conveniently give them all a try!

Credit: Onsen

Why I Love the Wovey Plush Towels

After trying Onsen’s waffle bath towels, I thought I’d left plush towels behind for good. Little did I know that their plush towels would prove that assumption wrong. As someone who didn’t have a ton of closet space for my bath towels, the clear appeal of the waffle towels is that they’re lightweight and space-saving while still being super absorbent. However, the Wovey towels made me want to make space specifically for them. For starters, I love the look of these towels. Yes, they’re plush, but Onsen takes them a step further by incorporating Dobby stripes on both ends to add texture and style.

Like their waffle counterparts, the Wovey Plush Towels are very absorbent and while they take a little longer to dry overall, I’ve never had to deal with any unpleasant odors, mold, or mildew. Both the bath towels and bath sheets have a cozy weight to them that makes you want to lounge in them all day. I’d even go so far as stating that the bath sheet can feel a bit heavy. That being said, if the bath towel provides enough coverage for you, then you might not need much more than the Wovey Bath Towel Set. Just keep in mind that it doesn’t come with face towels. Due to their plush design, the Wovey towels have more of a risk of getting snags in them, however, I haven’t experienced more than one or two in the year that I’ve had them.

Onsen continues to be one of my all-time favorite brands for bath linens, whether it’s a waffle towel or a plush one. In addition to their excellent towels, they also offer highly giftable waffle robes and wool dryer balls to keep your towels in great condition. If my words aren’t enough to convince you to give these towels a try, the thousands of reviews across the board also speak for themselves.

Buy: Wovey Plush Complete Set, $110 (normally $132)