This $40 Mini Air Cooler Will Get You Through the Summer and Has Over 3,500 5-Star Amazon Reviews

published Jun 24, 2021
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With the warm weather kicking up, staying cool is the hottest trend. I dread turning up my air conditioner for too long and running up my electric bill, so finding more affordable ways to be relieved of the blazing heat is one of my top priorities. Ceiling fans, handheld fans, and lots of cold drinks help ease the scorching temperatures, but they can’t do it all. I don’t need my entire home to be cold in order to be comfortable, so a product that keeps me content in my personal bubble is enough to do the trick. Where fans are limited in only circulating the air that’s already around you, the Ontel Arctic Air Pure Chill can actually cool you all the way off.

Because it’s easy to get confused, let’s make one thing absolutely clear: The Ontel Arctic Air Pure Chill is not a mini air conditioner. It’s an air cooler that blows chilled air from a frozen filter into your personal space, rather than lowering the temperature for an entire room. Amazon reviewers have tried to illuminate that fact, but there still seems to be quite a bit of misunderstanding among shoppers, so it’s best to go into it knowing what to expect. The climate of where you live seems to make a difference, as multiple reviews claim that the cooler is less effective in humid areas.  “This isn’t an air conditioner. It has a small fan and is made for the immediate area you’re in,” explained one customer. “I came from the desert where humidity was almost nonexistent and swamp coolers work the best. If you live in a high humidity area, it won’t be nearly as effective. Even so, I’m in Wisconsin now and putting filtered water from the fridge and ice cubes in it works wonderfully.”

For those who are looking to save a few dollars on their electric bill (like me), a personal air cooler is a viable option that allows you to set the air conditioner at a higher temperature without sweating it out indoors. “I love this product!” expressed another shopper who bought it for her husband, a hot sleeper. “It is like a mini evaporative cooler — you place cold water into the product and it sends out much cooler air. Please note that it doesn’t cool a whole room, but it’s great to cool an area about 6’ x 6’. I love it since I can keep the whole house A/C at a warmer temp to save money, but my husband still stays cool at night.”

Another benefit to the Pure Chill is that it’s portable, though not recommended for use in a vehicle. The heat from the car tends to overwhelm the chill from the cooler, rendering it ineffective. However, if you’re traveling by RV or staying in a vacation home, it’s much easier to claim its cool air. “In small quarters, it helps to relieve hot weather as long as you freeze the filter and use ice cubes to blow air in the room,” said one reviewer. “Take care of it and it should last a while.”

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Buy: Ontel Arctic Air Pure Chill, $39.88 ($29.88 with coupon)