New Company Open Spaces is for Everyone Whose Love Language is Beautifully Designed Organizers

published Feb 1, 2020
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Credit: Open Spaces

Organization is essential for staying motivated, inspired, and on top of your day-to-day tasks. However, staying organized doesn’t always look pretty. Standard clear tubs, wire baskets, and unsightly shelving units function well, but aren’t much to look at—and that can sometimes actually put a damper on your creativity. 

Enter Open Spaces, a brand dedicated to keeping customers organized without needing to compromise on their space’s aesthetic.

Launched under parent-company Pattern, Open Spaces joins a family of brands targeted at those who care deeply about creating functional and enjoyable living areas. Open Spaces offers “high-quality organization essentials designed to enhance your space,” as stated in a Pattern-authored Medium post.

“While organization products traditionally are meant to be hidden out of sight, ours function beautifully on display and can also be easily tucked away,” the post reads.

To create their products, Open Spaces focused their design aesthetic on how they can make an area feel more open. “We chose soft curves over hard edges, warm materials like compressed felt and wood, and a neutral palette,” the brand says, per Medium.

Credit: Open Spaces

Lighter tones “invite light inside,” and dark green balances the palette, hides dirt, and connects the brand to nature. “All surfaces are kept matte to avoid harsh reflection of light and maintain a soft expression,” the brand explains.

As crucial as design was in creating these items, the brains behind Open Spaces also wanted to ensure their products will be long-lasting, and can be used and enjoyed for years to come, in order to reduce waste. 

Furthermore, each Open Spaces item is made with post-consumer, post-industrial, and recycled materials, and is packaged and shipped in a way that cuts down on traditional single-use plastic packaging.

Credit: Open Spaces

The brand has launched a collection of 10 items—three sizes of their bins (a set of two begins at $36), a set of three nesting trays ($40), two sizes of wire baskets (starting at $56), a set of two shelf risers ($46), drawer dividers ($40), and a set of 10 clothing hangers ($36). Or you can just have a complete fresh start with their Whole Home kit ($465).

Open Spaces might just change the way you stay organized while playing into your minimalist, modern, and clean aesthetic. Get you an organization system that can do both.