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Organize a Desk Drawer with a Cereal Box

updated Jul 23, 2020
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Two of the most common New Year’s resoltuions are to lose weight and to get more organized. You can kill two birds with one high-fiber stone in this DIY project.

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(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Start your day off with a low-calorie, high-fiber bowl of cereal, then slice and dice the box to make an organizer that finally de-clutters your drawers.

With a perfect-fit cereal box and a strategically cut divider, blogger Patricia Zapata of A Little Hut fit a convenient Special-K organizer into her Ikea drawer.

The first thing I made was a basic box that is as wide as the inside of the drawer. The divider is made out of another piece of a cardboard and it covers the bottom of the box, which make the whole project very sturdy.

She then covered the outside of the box with craft paper for a clean look. We’re digging how easy it is to get a handy organizer with stuff we’ve already got in the house!

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