I Have No Linen Closet, so I Use These 3 Storage Solutions Instead

published Oct 7, 2023
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Like many other tiny-apartment dwellers, I have been forced to get creative and clever when it comes to storage and organization solutions. Unlike other small apartments, however, mine doesn’t have a linen closet. This posed a challenge during the first couple of months, but once I found some storage solutions for my bedding and towels, I often forgot I ever missed having a linen closet in the first place.

I found that the best places for these storage bags and bins are under my bed and on top of my stacked washer and dryer. If you’re looking for some other inconspicuous spaces to store your linens, you can try designating a drawer for them in your bedroom closet or even using that often-forgotten real estate under your couch. 

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My stacked washer and dryer are right next to my fridge, and fortunately, there is a space above the dryer that seemed perfect for extra storage. To keep my quilts and guest bedding protected from the washer’s warmth and moisture (and any lingering kitchen scents), I use three of these partially transparent plastic storage cases with convenient handles to pull them down when I need to access them. To put them back on top of the dryer, I rely on my husband, who is 6’5”, to keep them neat and standing upright.

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One of my main concerns when moving into my apartment was where I would keep my towels, bath mats, and bedsheets. The only place that made sense was under the bed, so I searched for something suitable and convenient and found these storage boxes with folding lids. I love that I’m able to pull out each box and open the lid halfway to access my bath towels, sheets, and pillow shams without taking the box out completely from under the bed. This also keeps the seldom-used items, like beach towels and linen sheets, more tucked away.

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My husband and I share our bedroom closet (which is always a challenge, as someone with lots of clothes and shoes) so to give myself the extra space I need for seasonal items, I use two of these storage bags. One holds bulky jackets, coats, and sweatpants, and the other holds dresses and skirts I typically only wear in the spring and summer. Each bag has handles on both ends for easy access and a label holder so I know exactly what’s inside.