My New Favorite Eye Mask Is Like a Weighted Blanket For the Face

published Apr 13, 2020
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If there’s one thing many Apartment Therapy staffers can agree on, it’s that weighted blankets are magical stress-relieving, sleep-inducing necessities. You love them, we love them, Busy Philipps loves them. The downside? They’re not really meant to go on your face. Thankfully, this eye mask is like wrapping a tiny weighted blanket around your head.

The Loop from Ostrichpillow might look a bit on the ridiculous side (I mean, have you seen their travel pillow? This is mild in comparison), but when I tried it out, it instantly gave me that relaxed vibe of cuddling under a weighted blanket, but for my eyes. The soft tubed fabric is filled with microbeads that provide a gentle pressure when it’s secured behind the neck.

Of course, the main purpose of an eye mask is to block out light, and Loop does a great job at that, too. Because it’s criss-crossed over your eyes, there are no gaps for light to get in, and you can still breathe freely through your nose. I’ve really enjoyed using it while I’m meditating in the afternoon; it delivers pitch blackness for the 20 minutes I need it, without having to draw the curtains.

I don’t sleep in an eye mask on the regular, so I can’t speak to how it works for that. Since I’m primarily a side and stomach sleeper, I suspect the Loop might be too bulky to be comfortable for me to snooze in. But if you’re a back sleeper, it could be what you’re looking for, especially paired with a weighted blanket for a full body experience.

I do plan on adding the Loop to my carry-on the next time I travel, and maybe I’ll finally be able to catch some coveted ZZZs in the air. Until then, it’ll remain a nama-staple of my meditation practice.