This New Shower Liner With a 3,000-Person Wait List Is Available Now — Here’s Why It’s a Game Changer

published Jan 12, 2022
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Throughout my home, I excel at keeping up with things as soon as they run out or look worse for wear. The stained bathmat? It’s swapped out the day after I first notice its unkempt appearance. Electric toothbrush head replacements? I religiously switch them out every three months like I’m supposed to. And boy do I love subscriptions, from my Imperfect Foods box to my many Amazon recurring purchases. 

But my shower curtain liner? Eh — it tends to get overlooked. I seem to have a mental block when it comes to buying a new one. Let’s just say that it can sometimes take many, many months before I notice the unpleasant hue my liner has taken on thanks to some oh-so-lovely kind of slimy mold. 

That’s why I am so excited about this new shower liner system! Home essentials brand Outlines just launched a subscription service for your shower liner, otherwise known as a subscription that’s geared toward people exactly like me. 

Since it’s not exactly idyllic to shower right alongside mold, grime, and other gnarly stuff that’s built up on your liner, it’s so smart to switch it out as needed. To find out what subscription will be best for you, you’ll head to the website to take a quiz. After I answered questions about topics like how often I use my shower and the ventilation level in my bathroom, I discovered that I should be swapping in a new liner every six months. The website recommended that I purchase The Shower Liner System + Hooks subscription, priced at $75 and sent semi-annually. I also had the option to buy without hooks ($55), and both choices are available as single purchases if you prefer not to commit to the subscription.

Outlines’ milder-resistant liners are rendered in Certified non-toxic PEVA, so they don’t have that obnoxious plastic smell. Plus, Outlines is all about Responsible Replenishment, meaning you only swap things out in your home when they really need to be, instead of just sending something to the landfill. The company will recycle the liner when you send it back, so that’s a win for the planet.

I’ve never paid much attention to my shower curtain liner, but since I want my bathroom to be a self-care haven, this ingenious, subscription-based system has me singing a different tune—and taking another glance at my liner. Buh-bye, slime!

Buy: The Shower Liner System, $55