Oversize Art: 5 Ways to Pull It Off

updated Jul 17, 2020
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(Image credit: Nicole Crowder)

Isn’t a huge piece of art such a daring focal point for a space? Not only does it highlight a favorite piece of art you might have, but it really shows you’re not afraid of being bold in your home. But when not incorporated well, an oversized piece of art can overwhelm, snatch up all of the attention and ruin an otherwise perfectly lovely room.

So how do you play around with the scale of a canvas or framed art piece without things getting visually out of control? These aren’t the only five ways to do it, but they’re some of our favorite and easiest ways to incorporate oversize art in your space and pull it off.

1. Keep the rest of the space minimal. You know that saying, if you’re going to do something, go all the way? The same applies to making oversize art work in room.

2. Pair it with another element. Tie it in with something else in the room, like coordinating throw pillow colors with a painting over a couch. Or in this room, it’s utilizing a hanging light fixture alongside an oversize poster. It helps anchor the piece in the decor.

3. Think outside the wall. If an oversize piece of art is just hanging too heavily on the visual look of a room, lean it against the wall resting on the floor. Or try it placed on a low bench. Play around with spots not on the wall.

4. Keep it subtle and soft. An easy way to fill up a big blank wall with a big piece of art without it hijacking your whole room is by keeping the colors and patterns of the piece soft and subtle, letting it gently and seamlessly blend in with the rest of your decor.

5. Fill in the negative space. Basically the opposite of the advice in the first idea. If your style isn’t minimal and you’re afraid an oversize piece of art will dominate too strongly, don’t let it float all by itself in your decor. Place it next to more art in a collage and hug it with furniture and other decor elements.

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Do you have oversize art in your space? How have you pulled it off without it negatively dominating?