9 Ridiculously Oversized Lamps and Pendants to Up the Drama in Your Living Room

published Mar 16, 2022
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When it comes to lighting trends right now, bigger is better. Dainty wall sconces and perfectly-proportioned pendants are making way for playful, outlandish ratios lamps and fixtures. If you have a sense of humor when it comes to decor, this might just be the trend for you.

I noticed the oversized lamp trend when Justina Blakeney dropped her Opalhouse x Jungalow rattan lamp for Target in the summer of 2021. Dubbed a floor lamp, it looks like a table lamp that went through the TikTok face stretch filter. Even though it was officially earmarked for the floor, design enthusiasts were quick to put it on consoles, desks, and side tables, even if the piece dwarfed the furniture around it. And I was hooked. If you’re in the mood to break some rules while refreshing your interior design, here are some big lamps and pendants to add instant drama to your space.

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The aforementioned Jungalow lamp stands at nearly five feet tall and comes prepackaged with an LED bulb because Justina Blakeney thinks of it all. Since it’s so tall, you would probably expect the shade to balance out the height, but the design went in the opposite direction. Rather than being wide, the shade is unexpectedly thin and long, giving it a unique silhouette.

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Inspired by a vintage lamp spotted on the concierge’s desk in one of London’s most respected five-star hotels, this set of faux woven leather table lamps is perfect for anyone looking to make a statement in their Art Deco room. These lamps stand 31.5 inches tall and would be especially eye-catching if placed close together on a console.

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Add drama directly to your walls by incorporating XL wall sconces. In order to really exaggerate their sizes — they clock in at 27.5 inches — try installing them near smaller pieces of furniture, like hallway pedestals or side tables.

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West Elm

Not all oversized floor lamps need to be towering beasts. They can also seem oversized thanks to their elongated proportions. This asymmetric floor lamp from West Elm has a fluid form base that is not quite cylindrical and not quite angular. The shade is not only elongated but wider than the base, carrying most of the visual weight.

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Are you getting tired of the paper lantern trend but want a design that will give you a similar minimalist aesthetic? Check out the Nelson Bubble Pendant that mimics the style of a Swedish-made silk lamp. For a high-impact design, you can get the XL size, which clocks in at a little over four feet in length.

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If you want your sconces to make a bold statement, try incorporating these aggressively long ones. They're so long, in fact, that you can swing them around and around in the room. What's bolder than that?

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If you want a cool, intergalactic vibe, try out this modern-yet-Sputnik-inspired fixture. You can hang it like a pendant over a table, or you can make its large size even more exaggerated by making it tower over smaller furniture pieces.

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West Elm
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If you’re not too concerned about height but are searching for something with some heft, then this robust West Elm table lamp might be a fit. This big guy is 35 inches and takes up a good amount of space on a table. If you’re looking to flank your bed with giant lamps, then these are a great pick.

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Looking for something metallic for a large sideboard or short side table? Play with proportions by transforming this floor lamp into a table lamp. Try surrounding this piece with large objects to make it feel proportional, such as XL prints, chunky sculptures, or huge plants.