This Wall-Mounted Toilet Brush Saves Space in My Tiny Bathroom and Is Better Than All the Others I’ve Tried

published Jul 13, 2021
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Credit: Overstock

The process of picking out a toilet brush is usually a pretty thoughtless task. After all, cleaning the toilet isn’t the most coveted household task on the chore list. So as long as it looks like it’ll do what it’s supposed to, a toilet brush is pretty much a grab-and-go buy. Never once have I thought that the cleaning tool could add to my bathroom aesthetic. However, I came to rethink my blasé attitude toward the everyday toilet brush when I saw a silicone version on Overstock that can be mounted to the wall, no hardware required.

I’m a huge fan of clutter-free floors and my bathroom is too small to fit even a slim storage unit, so being able to use a wall to mount the brush seemed like a fantastic solution. Besides being a great option for those with tiny bathrooms and little floor space, it’s also an ideal purchase for renters who can’t drill holes into walls.

Upon receiving the silicone toilet brush, I immediately wanted to hang it up. It comes with two clear stickers with plastic interlocking backs: One sticks to the toilet brush holder and the other sticks directly to the wall. As soon as I saw how thin the stickers were, I was skeptical that it would stick to the textured walls in my bathroom, since the stickers need to be on a smooth surface. Just to see if it would work, I moved ahead with sticking them on my bumpy walls, and was surprised to find that it held up once I found a smooth enough spot. However, a few hours later, I heard a clatter from the bathroom and knew instantly that the toilet brush was on the floor. It was placed too high and gravity wasn’t kind. So I picked a lower (and smoother) section, attached the toilet brush, and it held on for about a week. 

For the sake of further testing my smooth wall theory, I also tried sticking it to my bathroom door (which isn’t where I would normally keep it). Its surface was better suited for the brush’s mounting materials, but unfortunately, I’d already moved the stickers around too much, so it didn’t hold as well as it likely could have if it had been there from the start. Once I replaced the stickers using ultra-secure Command strips and moved it back to its original position on my textured wall, it didn’t shift one bit — not even when I gave it a few tentative tugs. All my fears about the brush falling down again disappeared for good.

As far as the actual cleaning portion goes, I absolutely prefer this silicone brush over any other plastic bristled brush I’ve used in the past. It’s durable and I felt like I was giving the bowl a good scrub rather than simply scraping against it. The brush head’s flexibility worked well with the shape of the toilet bowl, could easily clean under the rim of it, and didn’t seem like it would fall apart. I also didn’t have to fight to clean certain angles, because the brush head could bend as needed. The flat handle of the brush was convenient for putting it aside when not in use and helped me feel more in control of the direction of the brush. All in all, it was highly effective in cleaning my toilet and I’m happy with the result.

After cleaning the toilet brush itself and letting it air dry for about 20 minutes, I put it right back into the holder on the wall. The design of the holder makes it possible to set it on the floor (which is where I’ve kept my toilet brushes in the past), but I like having it raised instead, since it ups the visual appeal of this otherwise mundane product. You know it’s a toilet brush, but it isn’t so obviously a toilet brush. It’s hiding in plain sight!