The New Organizer Collection That’ll Save You Lots of Drawer Space (This Lifestyle Director Loves It!)

published Oct 11, 2021
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Messy kitchen drawer
Credit: Sarah Crowley

Regardless of how big your space is, organizing a kitchen is never easy. The assumption that more space equals more organization is just not true — at least in our experience. It simply means there are more spots that can get messy! Luckily for home chefs in kitchens large and small, OXO has solved all that with their new collection of in-drawer organizers.

The modular-style collection is great for everyone, but especially handy for apartment or small-space dwellers that may have narrower-than-usual drawers in need of a little TLC. Several of their products come in at just over six inches wide, so they’re perfect for those snug spots that can’t fit much but still appear a mess. The best part? Many pieces in the collection fit together or can be customized in some way, resulting in a bespoke organizational solution that’s literally tailor-made to your kitchen.

Kitchn’s lifestyle director Lisa recently got to test out the new OXO collection in her own kitchen and raved about the way the handy organizers made sense of her cluttered kitchen drawers. “It’s been a game-changer since day one,” she says. “I dropped the organizer into my emptied-out 11-inch drawer and was so shocked that I was still able to use the pull-out side tray. I knew the math suggested I’d be able to, but it’s not something I’m used to in my kitchen, so I didn’t want to get my hopes up. It was time to finally get all my cooking utensils in order!”

Organize the clutter of your own cabinets by shopping five of the hardest working new OXO products below.

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Spices (or really anything that's round and roll-y in shape) are among the most annoying things to organize in a drawer, making this OXO solution top our must-have list. The angled tiers on this organizer keep bottles in place and allows you to instantly see the labels and find what you're looking for, while non-slip feet on the bottom mean it won't fly around the interior of the drawer when you pull it open. At just six inches wide, it's great for housing just the essentials or can be paired with additional pieces to expand your spice collection.

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There's nothing like the spine-tingling shiver that comes with fishing around in an unorganized knife drawer with your bare hands. It's unsightly and unsafe, but yet we've all done it. Well, you don't have to worry any longer: OXO's new knife organizer can hold up to nine knives (five small and four large), all safely stored blade side down, which will preserve the sharpness of your cutlery and keep your fingers safe.

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This six-inch marvel is the answer to all your flatware organizational woes. Its compact size makes it a great option for kitchens with a small footprint — but honestly, it would come in handy in any space. Use it to house knives, spoons, and forks, as well as extras like reusable wine corks, chip clips, and even those cute little holders you stick into the ends of your corn cobs.

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If you're a renter looking to invest in a piece that can work in multiple apartments, this versatile organizer is for you. It features an extendable open tray (perfect for irregular-shaped tools) that can be pulled out or pushed in, along with adjustable dividers that allow you to customize the organizer's interiors exactly to your needs.

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Every tool has a place in this do-it-all organizer, from your frying tongs and silicone spatula to the wooden spoon you simply won't make Grandma's Sunday sauce without. Thanks to its expandable nature, it can range from 7 to 12 inches wide, so you have the ability to choose the size that suits your space best. Bonus: The trays are removable for easy cleaning.