This Unexpected Space Inside Your Home Is a Great Place to Paint Your Colorful Next Mural

published Jul 29, 2022
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If you’ve been thinking about how to personalize your home using paint, but aren’t interested in the popular arch trend, you aren’t alone. Homeowners and renters alike are getting creative and painting unique murals all over their homes. One color lover decided to paint an interesting mural in a pretty unexpected place — and you might want to try it.

Sophie Elinor is a graphic designer who lives in a 1150-square-foot, 100-year-old miner’s cottage in Australia that she’s owned for 12 years. “I’m also the daughter of an art teacher (mum) and an industrial design teacher (dad), and family means the world to me.” she says. Elinor’s home used to belong to her beloved Nan who passed away, so the house has always been a warm and welcoming place for her. “I have so many happy childhood memories from here,” she says. “So when I finished university I decided to move to Newcastle and moved in.”

According to Elinor, even before her Nan lived here, the house had a long, rich history. “It’s over 100 years old, and it’s beautifully wonky and full of character,” she says. Elinor’s personal design style is colorful, creative, and filled with fun that she’s infused in every single room in the house. “Color has always been important to me, and more is more, so the collective aesthetic is pretty bold,” Elinor says.

One way that she’s displayed her love for color and cool shapes is by painting a fun mural on her bathroom door. The base of the door is a deep shade of turquoise with a pattern of eight wacky inflatable tube men in an assortment of colors. “Having grown up in it, my mom’s memories are all over the house,” Elinor says. “So it’s a unique thrill to paint murals on the walls there with her, when once upon a time that kind of behavior would’ve got her in trouble! She is always encouraging me to make the place my own. It makes us both happy.”

If you’ve been looking around your home, searching for ways to spruce it up, this could be your solution. Why stop at changing the color of your doors, when you can give it complete facelift with a murals literally one-of-a-kind?

Since buying this house, Elinor has been going steady with project to restore this home and truly make it her own. “Design trends are always coming and going, but the things that bring me joy are fairly constant.” she says. And when it comes to opting for bold colors and funky patterns, Elinor is all for it. In her house tour, she says “Your home is for you, and if you’re into kitsch or kooky or kinda out-there aesthetics, embrace it. A home filled with personality is easy to love.”