Painter’s Tape Is Your Secret to a Fridge That Stays Organized

published Oct 6, 2022
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Pantry and fridge organization videos are all the rage on Instagram and TikTok right now because they’re just so dang satisfying. And if you’ve been inspired to do your own cleanout, then Hedley & Bennett founder Ellen Bennett has a great tip for keeping your fridge spic and span — and she uses painter’s tape to do it.

Bennett posted a video to her Instagram on October 4 showing her process for organizing and cleaning her friend’s fridge. “Matt, this is what you get for having me as a house guest,” she says in the video. “A clean fridge.”

Her first step was to take everything out of the refrigerator and give the inside a good wipe-down. Then, it was time to sort through the food to determine what goes and what stays.

And when Bennett was done organizing the shelves and drawers, she decided to help her friend stay organized after she leaves by using blue painter’s tape to label the sections of the fridge.

She stuck two pieces of tape down to the table and sliced them down the middle horizontally and then slashed a few times vertically to create labels. Bennett then wrote things like “cheese,” “protein,” “fruits,” etc., and stuck them where they belong.

Now the refrigerator looks less like a chaotic mess and more like a perfectly organized filing cabinet of food — and the blue color stands out and makes things easier to find.

As Bennett showed in a July Instagram, she also uses washable markers in her own fridge to keep track of what she has in stock. No more digging for those zucchini you just remembered you had and crossing your fingers they didn’t go bad.

Always know what’s in your fridge (and keep your stock updated) by using blue painter’s tape to keep track and stay organized — and never let your food disappear/mold/rot again.