I Tried Parachute’s New Bath Towel, And It’s the Goldilocks of Towels (Bonus: It’s on Sale!)

updated Nov 24, 2020
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Parachute bath towels in bath tub

I make no attempts to hide my love for Parachute, specifically their sheets. After testing over a dozen towels for our Best List, I chose Parachute’s Heathered Towels as the best overall. Unfortunately though, those towels are going out of stock and I’m left behind to pick up the pieces. So you can imagine how my heart skipped a beat when I learned that Parachute was not only launching a new towel, but that this new towel had all of the things my beloved Heathered Towels had: a lightweight feel, great absorbency, and cozy texture.

They’re called Spa Towels, and they are kind of perfect. What instantly drew my attention was their cotton-linen blend construction. Linen is an unusual choice for bath towels; as a material it’s incredibly light and airy, making it less than ideal if you love that classic fluffy towel feel. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but when my new towel arrived I was genuinely shocked at how un-linen-like it felt. Really, the only way you know there’s any linen in it at all is when you feel how lightweight it is. (Towels are weighed by GSM, or gram per square meter; the Heathered Towels are 550 GSM while the Spa Towels are 500 GSM.)

As an aside, let me tell you a little bit about myself. Somewhat controversially, I don’t love overly fluffy towels. I find them to be not very absorbent, which to me is the most important thing in a towel. I want something that will dry me off fast, not something I could theoretically curl up on the couch in. I previously wrote about my love of Snowe’s Honeycomb Towels, and I stand by it—they’re still the most absorbent towels I’ve ever used.

And yet, I get that not everyone is down for the barely-there feel of them. Which is why I have fallen hard for Parachute’s Spa Towels—they’re ultra absorbent, yet still have some weight to them and feel more like traditional towels. The first thing I noticed about them? Their super soft feel. Again, I couldn’t believe they’re 44 percent linen. The next thing I noticed? Whoa, these are absorbent. After getting out of the shower, I felt like I dried off faster than normal. Plus, after hanging my towel on the hook I definitely noticed that it dried off in record time. Absorbent and quick-drying! What a delight.

And then, of course, they just look really good. As is expected from Parachute, the Spa Towels are made stylish thanks to the small fringe at the ends. Do they do anything for functionality? No, but damn they look good hanging on my bathroom hook. I chose the natural color due to my aversion to white towels, but they are also available in white if you’re that kind of person. At $39, they’re on the high end but comparable to Parachute’s other towel offerings. But right now, they’re priced at $31 for Black Friday, so we definitely wouldn’t blame you if you decide to treat yourself to a splurge-worthy home spa experience.