This TikToker DIYed a Patio Umbrella Stand, and It’s So Gorgeous

published May 16, 2023
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If you need to add a shady spot to your sun-drenched patio, then this TikTok DIY is going to be right up your alley. It takes just about 15 minutes to do and is completely customizable to your aesthetic. All you need is a heavy ceramic planter, some expandable post foam, and a shade umbrella of your choosing.

TikTok user Arin Solange (@arinsolange) came up with this project last summer and it was a massive success, so she decided to share her process. She picked up some expandable post foam from the hardware store and poured it into a large ceramic vase. A few commenters also suggested placing heavy rocks or concrete at the bottom of the planter before adding the foam to make the stand a bit more stable.

Then you can stick the pole of your umbrella (or a piece of PVC pipe that your umbrella can slide into) into the foam while it’s drying to securely mount the umbrella in place. 

Top the foam with some decorative rocks, and you’re done!

Another TikTok commenter wrote that you can also cut a piece of plexiglass to the size of your planter with a hole in the center to make this DIY stand into a cocktail table.

The umbrella Arin Solange used is the Beach State Summerland 6.5-foot beach umbrella, but you can use any shade umbrella you already have or that best fits your style or your space. 

Alternatively, this DIY could also be used to create poles for your outdoor twinkly lights or even to give citronella tiki torches a place to live. 

In just a few minutes, you’ll have instant shade on your patio that looks as good and refreshing as it feels.