My Secret for the Coziest, Most Inviting Bed Has Nothing to do with Sheet Thread Count

updated May 28, 2020
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The key to the coziest, most inviting bed isn’t about a 6000-thread-count sheet or fancy fabric. Well, to be honest, those things don’t exactly hurt. For me though, it’s all about swapping out classic white sheets for something a little more fun and colorful. I’m a big-time pattern person, so I shop for sets in speckled blues that resemble my favorite ceramic plates, fun food-themed patterns, or any kind of floral. Tucked under my comforter—which, for the record, is also not white and often clashes with my bed linens—my patterned sheets are a visual treat that bookends my day, since they’re the first thing I see when I wake up and the last thing, too, when I get into bed at night.

I rounded up nine of my favorite fun sheet sets, from subtle colors and tiny patterns to bolder, brighter prints. These options can be your little secret, tucked under a white linen comforter, or paired with an equally fun duvet cover. After all, your home should spark joy, and I guarantee that one of these styles will make you smile.

Credit: Buffy

Buffy Blush Eucalyptus Sheets

My current set is Buffy’s softest, cooling eucalyptus sheets in blush pink, dyed naturally from gardenias, walnuts, and turmeric—unfortunately, they’re not scratch-n-sniff. They also come in powder blue, dark blue, and two shades of grey. They haven’t faded after multiple washes and seem to get softer every time I launder them.

Buy: Eucalyptus Sheets, $199 for a Queen size from Buffy

Credit: Target

Threshold Printed Performance Sheet Set

Flowers are my go-to bold print. (Groundbreaking for spring, I know.) I’ve had these floral sheets from Target in this pastel purple, blue, and green colorway for years, and they’re as comfortable as they are cute.

Buy: Threshold Printed Performance Sheet Set, $49.99 for a Queen size from Target

Urban Outfitters Allover Peaches Sheet Set

This small, quirky pattern is, well, just peachy. I love how painterly the peaches are, but if you’re more of a lemon person, you can try this graphic set instead.

Buy: Allover Peaches Sheet Set, $79 for a Queen size from Urban Outfitters

Credit: Dusen Dusen

DusenDusen Mat Sateen Sheets

Clean lines can be soothing in their own way, and this DusenDusen flat sheet (with a matching, separately-sold duvet, if you’re into that) has all sorts of colorful rectangles that fit together like Tetris pieces. A combination of teal, red, lavender, and yellow doesn’t sound like it’d work, but it does, and it can play nicely with other colors in those families in your bedroom.

Buy: DusenDusen Mat Sateen Sheets, Starts at $90 for a Queen size Flat Sheet from DusenDusen

Credit: Walmart

Puppy Microfiber Sheet Set

Really want to embrace your inner kid? Go for sheets with dogs on them. These doodles are not too cutesy or cartoonish and look like little pencil sketches in muted browns and tan. There are multiple breeds represented, too, from tiny poodles and corgis to an oversized sheep dog.

Buy: Puppy Microfiber Sheet Set, $28.99 for a Queen size from Walmart

Pottery Barn Teen Tie Dye Sheet Set

Tie dye sweatpants are cool, but have you tried tie dye sheets? They’re to dye for. (Sorry.) Yes, these are made for teens, but so is TikTok. There’s also a more muted adult version from The Company Store for $99, if that’s more your speed.

Buy: Tie Dye Sheet Set, $119 for a Queen size from Pottery Barn Teen

Credit: West Elm

Grapefruit Ombré Sheet Set

Is it weird for a sheet set to remind you of an Aperol Spritz? Because now I need one. This subtle ombré sheet set in jewel tones is made of TENCEL, which has moisture-wicking properties and is said to be softer than silk and cooler than linen.

Buy: TENCEL Grapefruit Ombré  Sheet Set, $149 $89.99 for a Queen size from West Elm

Credit: Target

Betseyville Charcoal Leopard Satin Printed Sheets

Animal prints can sometimes be a little too loud for an outfit let alone a bed, but this slightly subdued leopard printed sheet set is, dare we say, classy? These satin sheets have a pattern that’s almost like a jazzed-up version of polka dots and isn’t too busy to make you dizzy getting into bed.

Buy: Betseyville Charcoal Leopard Satin Printed Sheets $34.99 for a Queen size from Target

Credit: Amazon

Poppy & Fritz Polka Donuts Sheet Set

Doughnuts in bed are a bad idea but doughnuts and sprinkles on your sheets? That’s a cute, whimsical version of a midnight snack. The colors even make them look a little like trendy galaxy doughnuts.

Buy: Poppy & Fritz Polka Donuts Sheet Set, $59.99 $51.99 for a Queen size on Amazon