Peek Inside This Converted Caboose Tiny House For Sale

published Oct 26, 2017
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Creating a comfortable residence when you have limited space requires sacrifice, ingenuity – and in the case of this train caboose tiny home known as “Side Trak”– an engine to haul it to your desired living location, along with a railroad track that can support its weighty frame.

Currently on the market for $51,500, this uniquely converted home is not as spacious or pricey as this $2.985 million former train depot and caboose–turned residence in New Braunfels, Texas (a 2200 square-foot, 7-bedroom, 6-bath spot that’s been up for sale since last year, BTW), but what Side Trak lacks in size and luxe amenities, it makes up for with plenty of charm and historic character.

The caboose was built in 1910 and went on to rack up 60 years of mileage while traversing the tracks of Southern New England’s Central Vermont Railway, Curbed reports. After cooling its wheels and retiring from the tracks, the train car ultimately settled into a new and sedentary lifestyle when it was converted into a private family vacation home in 1974.

Although Side Trak‘s 228 square-foot interior falls on the lower end of your average tiny home size, it still allows enough space for five adults to sleep comfortably. In addition to giving you the experience of what it’s like to live in your very own personal sleeper car (minus the locomotive sensation, obviously), the tiny house offers all the creature comforts of a typical vacay retreat: a kitchenette with a microwave, an electric stove and a mini-fridge, along with a three-quarter bath with toilet and shower. And to complete the throwback vibes this repurposed vintage space gives off, it also features painted wood paneling and wood floors.

For those who are into the idea of having a train be a vacation spot, this Conway, New Hampshire caboose home is currently located in a rail car enclave waiting on a buyer to eagerly hop aboard and haul it away by engine, or pay the $95 monthly fee to rent it out on site.