This Cabinet Lets You Hide Your Peloton in Plain Sight

published Dec 6, 2021
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Peloton bike
Credit: Peloton

Over the past year-and-a-half, living rooms have become cluttered with dumbbells, foam rollers, and stationary bikes. While most equipment can be easily hidden in storage, a stationary bike just can’t be shoved inside a drawer or a closet… or can it?

Boîtier (pronounced as bwa-tie) is a new brand of cabinet designed to conceal your stationary exercise bike when you’re not using it. From the outside, the mid-century-inspired storage unit seems just like any other modern armoire. However, once you open it, you’ll find that it has an extra spacious cavern where your Peloton can fit. 

Even better, it also features a platform that can slide to the side, so you can ride without having to remove the machine from its spot. Once you’re done, simply push the platform back in. Tidying up after a workout is as easy as rolling your yoga mat.

The piece of furniture also offers pegs for hanging cleats, as well as a top shelf for storing other gear and displaying decor like books and houseplants. It will, however, require a bit of room, as it takes up nearly 10 feet of floor space when it’s extended. To give customers flexibility, the company offers platforms that open to the left or to the right, so you can adjust based on your apartment’s layout.

“We founded boîtier after observing a conflict in the home-gym movement: we thought, everyone is buying home-gym equipment and no one has anywhere to put it. We ourselves had this problem while living in a one-bedroom apartment,” the company said.

They added: “And we kept seeing home-gym equipment being placed within beautiful interior spaces—bikes, rowers, etc. plopped in the middle of living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms—equipment meant for a gym put into homes, and the rooms feeling, well, off…  What we really want next to our couch and coffee table is… furniture.”

The Boitier is priced at $1,490. You can learn more about it here.