A Delightfully Absurd Reality Show About Pet Influencers is on Netflix

updated Jun 6, 2021
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Credit: Netflix

Netflix’s newest reality TV series is a sign of the times. We’re in an cute animal content. The natural progression is an amalgamation of the two — a reality series that spotlights the pet influencers who rule the square boxes of Instagram. Enter: Netflix’s “Pet Stars,” a five-episode reality series centered on Pets on Q, a Los Angeles-based (only in Los Angeles!) talent management company that represents some of the biggest pet influencers on social media.

Colleen Wilson and Melissa May Curtis lead the charge in the series as founder and chief operations officer of Pets on Q, respectively. Like “Dance Moms” meets “The Hills” meets “Kardashians,” but with animals that range from dogs, cats, birds, bearded dragons, and even pigs, Wilson and Curtis pull back the absurd (but entertaining) curtain on the animal influencer industry. The dynamic duo book animals for commercials, orchestrate a pet fashion show to encourage adoption efforts, rally up the ugliest dogs to attend an Ugliest Dog contest, and help an animal sanctuary drum up social media presence, among other responsibilities. 

I know what you’re thinking. “Animal influencers? Why?” I know. It is absurd. Do animals really need to be subjected to influencer culture? What is the use of an “urban pet retreat” and “spa”? The reality is… it is joyous. During such difficult times, entering the world of the animal influencer industry has been a welcome reprieve. Most importantly, though, “Pet Stars” doesn’t feel exploitative. In a recent interview with Variety, Wilson and Curtis explained that animal safety was paramount. “The main thing is, ‘Does your dog or cat or whatever enjoy this? Do they want to do this?’ She has a knack for understanding animal behavior like no one else,” Curtis said of Wilson. 

Of the show’s origins, Wilson added, “Originally it was supposed to be a show really about the animals, but then the producers got to know us and said it wasn’t just a show about the animals. The person I spoke to was like, ‘This is weird, you’re weird, this would make a great TV show.’ I took it as a compliment.” 

“Pet Stars” is available to stream on Netflix.