This Quirky Pillow Might Be the Answer to Your Sleepless Nights — and It Has Over 40,000 5-Star Reviews

published Sep 22, 2021
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Young woman sleeping peacefully on her bed at home.
Credit: Getty Images / Luis Alvarez

We know that finding the right pillow can be a long process, but don’t worry — we have plenty of recommendations. (Hint, hint: Check out our list of The Best Pillows You Can Buy Right Now.) A good pillow can make the difference between a night of restful sleep and morning aches, especially if you experience neck or back pain. Body pillows are not a comforting solution for someone who needs extra support while they sleep, but they can also be an investment. Enter: the PharMeDoc U-Shape Full Body Pillow. Whether you’re a side or back sleeper, this U-shaped pillow is designed to cradle and support your body throughout the night.

The pillow comes in 11 different colors and is available in a solid and detachable version. The detachable option allows you to remove a part of the pillow so that it becomes a standalone body pillow. This means you essentially get a two-in-one U-shaped and regular body pillow. And for only $42.95, it’s one of the more affordable body pillows on the market.

Although technically designed as a body pillow for pregnant women — it’s actually the number-one best-selling maternity pillow on Amazon — this pillow is made for everyone, and reviewers agree. The PharMeDoc body pillow has over 40,000 five-star ratings for a total of 4.4 out of 5 stars.

As one customer wrote: “This is the most amazing pillow I’ve ever owned! I’m a chronic side sleeper, and so often, I either wake up in pain, or wake up a few times a night to adjust the pillows I sleep with. This pillow negates all of that! Not to mention, that I can use this as a TV pillow for just chilling out, watching TV, reading, or whatever else I want to do in bed. It’s so comfortable, my daughters keep stealing it!”

Unlike a traditional body pillow, this quirkily shaped one is made to support you from all sides, which makes it perfect for people who are pregnant, recovering from an injury, or dealing with chronic pain.

“I’m 25 weeks and around 20 weeks started having trouble sleeping and back pain,” one reviewer wrote. “I’m not kidding when I say the first couple of nights I got the best sleep I’d gotten in years. The pillow is great for propping ankles up and propping knees (which is great for alleviating back pain.) I was hesitant to buy because I’ve never paid more than $15 for a pillow but this was worth every penny!”

The brand behind this body pillow also sells a C-shaped pillow that looks pretty dreamy if you ask me. It’s said to help support your back, hips, knees, neck and head. It’s also highly recommended to expecting moms in their third trimester, when catching some zzz’s can be especially tricky. So whether you’re looking for pain relief or a cozy night’s sleep, this pillow might be the answer. And for less than $50, it’s definitely worth a try.