I Used the Pink Stuff to Clean Scratches off My Mugs and Pans, and Now They’re Like New

published Jul 8, 2024
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Stained coffee mugs before cleaning.
Credit: Barbara Bellesi Zito

If you saw the bottoms of our mugs, you’d think my husband and I compulsively stirred our morning coffee after adding a bit of milk. We don’t, but that hasn’t stopped dark rings and scratches from forming. 

I had every intention of purchasing a whole new set of mugs until I was introduced to the Pink Stuff and saw how creator Beatriz Santos (@makelifesimpler_ ) used it to remove scratches from dishes on Instagram. I decided to try it on my mugs and now, not only do they look like new, but I also have a new favorite cleaning product. 

What Is the Pink Stuff Miracle Cleaning Paste?

The Pink Stuff miracle cleaning paste, which has a whopping 216,000+ reviews on Amazon, promises to remove grease, grime, and stains from a multitude of surfaces. It’s made of 99% natural ingredients, so I felt good about giving it a try. I’ll admit that even though I write often about cleaning products, I don’t keep tabs on everything available on the market. But I truly have no idea how I overlooked this gem.

How I Used the Pink Stuff to Remove Scratches from Mugs and Pans

I ordered a tub and put it to work as soon as it arrived. I was surprised by its pretty shade of pale pink and light, almost berry scent. It had the grainy consistency of a facial exfoliator.

Given that texture, I understood why the label said don’t scrub too hard with it. Santos used a Scrub Mommy with the Pink Stuff cleaning paste in her video, but given the gritty feel, I decided to let the product do most of the work. I smeared a bit on a paper towel and scrubbed the bottom of my mugs. In about 20 seconds, the scratches were gone.

Credit: Barbara Bellesi Zito

I tried it on the next mug just to see if it was a fluke, but the scratches disappeared in that mug, too. I didn’t use a ton of product, so the mugs rinsed cleanly and quickly; the container warns not to let this paste dry on surfaces. I also added them to the dishwasher top rack to make sure no Pink Stuff residue would “sweeten” my next caffeinated beverage.

Next, I tried a bit on the bottom of our beloved Always Pan and watched the burnt stains disappear. It was impressive, although I would advise doing a spot test on pots and pans — I’m not sure if I spotted some discoloration or if it’s simply the pot peeking through the greasy spots once again.

Credit: Barbara Bellesi Zito

What Can You Use the Pink Stuff On?

You can use the Pink Stuff as a multipurpose cleanser on a variety of surfaces throughout your home, including ovens, stovetops, saucepans, sinks, barbecues, and tile. It can also be used on glass, although the manufacturer cautions you to work gently on polished steel and ceramic stove hobs because of its abrasive nature. 

When you do use the Pink Stuff, I highly recommend doing a spot test first until you get the hang of just how powerful it is and only use a little at a time. Don’t forget to completely remove the residue — by rinsing and wiping away thoroughly — after cleaning.

Credit: Barbara Bellesi Zito

Final Thoughts

In short, I’m hooked. I don’t know how often I’ll get to use the paste formula, but I was excited to learn that Stardrops has a full line of cleaning products, including floor, window, and bathroom cleaners. If the bathroom foam spray can do for shower tile what it did for my mugs, then just take my money, Stardrops!