These 4 Under-the-Radar Home Decor Trends Will Dominate 2023, According to Pinterest

published Dec 7, 2022
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Who wouldn’t want a crystal ball that looks into the future — at least when it comes to low-stakes, truly fun forecasting, like, say, on upcoming home decor trends? I spend a lot of my time hitting the ground to do just that, making my best guesses as to what will make it big depending on the patterns I see at design trade shows and by connecting the dots between what home brands are putting out in their collections and what interior designers are actually using in their projects.

The closest the design world may come to that crystal ball just might be Pinterest’s annual “Pinterest Predicts” report, which just dropped today. Though the findings span categories like fashion, beauty, food, travel, and home, all of the data — backed by months of global search data and analysis —  can best be described as “not-yet-trending,” which means these insights offer a true glimpse at something before it officially takes off. So if you want to get in on the ground level of the decor trends that are headed our way for 2023, consider this your cheat sheet. 

Baths will take a backseat to showers.

According to Pinterest, the spa bathroom trend is going to be a little more shower-focused in 2023. Searches for “shower routine aesthetic” were up a whopping 460 percent, and the brand saw spikes in terms like “amazing showers walk in” (up 395 percent), “shower bomb” (up 90 percent), “home spa bathroom” (up 190 percent), and “spotless shower ideas” (up 110 percent). Maybe this has to do with the fact that folks are a little more time-crunched again these days, with the world opening back up? Whatever the reason, you can expect to see more ways to make the showering experience a little more elevated in the near future.

Introducing the “Hip-storic Home.”

When it comes to decorating and house or apartment hunting, your 2023 mantra just might be “in with the old and out with the new,” if Pinterest Predicts is any indicator.

Vintage charm is all the rage right now, and the popularity of secondhand style is showing no signs of slowing down, as this trend fits in nicely with the rise of personalization and sustainability in the home.

Search term data that supports the “hip-storic home” trend include the following: “antique windows repurposed” (up 50 percent), “maximalist decor vintage” (up 350 percent), and “antique room aesthetic” (up 325 percent). This time around, though, you can expect heritage styles and hand-me-downs to me mixed in with modern items. The look is layered, rather than feeling like a full-on museum exhibit.  

Mush-rooms are 2023’s answer to mushrooms.

Apartment Therapy has been watching the mushroom trend for a while. We first noted the resurgence of the mushroom lamp back in 2020, and recently reported on the all-mushroom-everything decorating trend. And Pinterest sees even more of this coming down the pipeline, given that searches for “fantasy mushroom art” are up 170 percent, “vintage mushroom decor” queries are up 35 percent, “funky house decor” is up 695 percent, “weird-core bedroom” is up 540 percent, and “freaky wallpaper” is up 65 percent. Looks like 2023 is going to be all about getting a little weird.

Curb appeal is back and better than ever.

Finally, Pinterest thinks our collective attention is about to shift back to the fronts and facades of our spaces — while backyards, well, are about to take a backseat. Think fancy foyers and flourishes that perk up your front door, porch, or stoop.

The proof is in the data: Searches for “foyer entryway decor ideas” are up 190 percent, “front door portico” is up 40 percent, “front door transformation” is up 85 percent, “garden front of house entrance” is up 35 percent, and interestingly enough, “porch for camper” has seen a rise of 115 percent, too. Want to get a head start on your front entry fix up? Check out these curb appeal ideas

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