23 Mushroom Decor Pieces to Make ‘Shroom For in Your Home

published Sep 26, 2022
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Round up of trendy Mushroom decor
Credit: Photo: Etsy, Target; Design: Apartment Therapy

Decorating for fall is usually all about pumpkins and other gourd-geous accents, but you should really be making ‘shroom for… mushrooms! The mushroom boom — or as Feist sang, “Mushaboom” — is upon us, and whether your decor leans cottagecore or just looking to infuse a little more fungi into your décor, there’s something for everyone and also for every room in your home.

From shockingly realistic morel mushroom candles that are almost too pretty to burn to full-on disco mushrooms to light up your living room, I’ve got 22 pieces here that are total scores. (Or should I say spores? Don’t talk shiitake on all these puns!)

Credit: World Market

1. Mushroom Mug

This may have been your gateway mushroom after it was all over your TikTok feed. If not, now you know about this mug, which comes in three cover color combos that will keep your tea, coffee, or other chosen hot beverage piping hot.

Buy: Mushroom Lidded Mug, $8.99 from World Market

Credit: World Market

2. Mushroom Lidded Soup Crocks

For soup season, grab these semi-matching colorful crocks to fill with cream of mushroom, miso, or a non-mushroom delicacy.

Buy: Spotted Mushroom Lidded Soup Crocks, $19.98 for a Set of 2 from World Market

3. Mushroom Candles

These hand-poured candles are made of 100 percent pure beeswax from the honey Happy Organics Co.’s bees consume! The big one is five inches and burns for 5.5 hours, and the small one is 3.5 inches and burns for two hours, that is, if you can bear to melt them down.

Buy: Morel Mushroom Candles, $17.00 for a Set of 2 from Happy Organics Co.

4. Mushroom Bath Mat

This color-blocked wonder will make every trip to the shower a little more fun. I promise!

Buy: Trippy Mushroom Bath Mat, $59.00 from Urban Outfitters

5. Mushroom Disco Balls

There have been many imitations of the now-famous disco mushroom, but pretty sure Sofiest Designs was the first. Choose from a multitude of sizes — from the five-inch tall “x-small” ($40) to the 10-inch tall “large” ($180) — or create a full disco forest with a few mixed and matched.

Buy: The Original Silver Mushroom Disco Ball, Starts at $40.00 rom Sofiest Designs

6. Mushroom Throw Blanket

Put yourself in cozy cottage mode and learn about the multitude of mushroom varieties at the same time. How many types can you name on this soft cotton blanket?

Buy: Mushroom Magic Throw Blanket, $129.50 from Valley Cruise Press

Credit: Amazon

7. Mushroom Cocktail Glass

Use these glasses for cocktails, iced coffee, or even as a vase! Or better yet, try it two ways since they come as a set.

Buy: Mushroom Cocktail Glass, $19.99 for a Set of 2 from Amazon

Credit: Etsy

8. Mushroom Cork Coaster

Choose from 10 different etched mushroom designs on these sustainable and absorbent coasters, from teeny tiny enokis to impressive king oysters.

Buy: Mushroom Decor Cork Coasters, $28.00 for a Set of 4 from Etsy

9. Mushroom Wall Rug

Instead of rugs for your floor, try rugs for your walls. These little mushroom friends come in polka dots or a checkered pattern and won’t get dirty from people who wear shoes in your house… unless they try to walk up the walls like *NSYNC did in the “Bye Bye Bye” video.

Buy: Mushroom Friend Wall Rug, $85.00 from Beetle Ink

Credit: Hay

10. Portable Lamp

Mushroom lamps have been around and come in and out of popularity for decades, but these ones from Danish company HAY are definitely the most sleek and modern version of the iconic shape. They come in black, grey, or red.

Buy: Pao Portable Lamp, $195.00 from Hay Design

Credit: Etsy

11. Mushroom Plant Stake

Mark your favorite plant with a smiling mushroom friend. These handmade stained glass stakes come in a few different colors, just in case you want to make sure your snake plant and fiddle leaf fig are easily distinguishable.

Credit: Etsy

12. Mushroom Bootie “Pot Buddy”

For a more cheeky plant friend, grab a ‘shroomy with a booty! Only the medium planter is currently in stock, but the seller, ThoughtsbyMarie, makes three different sizes.

Buy: Medium Cllay Mushroom Bootie “Pot Buddy”, Starts at $7.50 from Etsy

Credit: Garnet Hill

13. Mushroom Duvet Cover

Tuck into a mushroom field at night — with or without matching 200-thread-count organic cotton sheets — using this luxe duvet cover. It has a hidden-button closure and ties inside the corners to prevent it from shifting around and tangling at night.

Buy: Mushroom Organic-Cotton Percale Duvet Cover for a Full/Queen Size, $159.00 from Garnet Hill

Credit: Amazon

14. Mushroom Kitchen Mat

This mat has saved me from sore arches when cooking a long-simmered mushroom stew, and it adds a fun pop of color to an often-overlooked room to decorate: the kitchen. Some advice if you buy: You’ll need to iron this on low heat to get the creases out after, as it ships folded!

Buy: Mushroom Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mat, $11.99 from Amazon

15. Mushroom Throw Pillow

Orange is an underrated accent color. Embrace it with these red and orange tufted mushroom pillows that can provide lumbar support and a pop of fun to a neutral couch.

Buy: Mushroom Tufted Throw Pillow, $49.00 from Urban Outfitters

Credit: Etsy

16. Mushroom Candle

Channel your inner mushroom goddess and spice up your space with bright, womanly-figure candles in neon hues. Again, they’re almost too pretty to light!

Buy: Neon Mushroom Goddess Candle, $15.95 from Etsy

Credit: Ash + Chess

17. Mushroom Wallpaper

This print was first run on clothing at Nooworks, but designers Ash & Chess also made a 2’x9’ roll of peel-and-stick wallpaper for your most magical accent wall ever.

Buy: Magical Mushroom Wallpaper, $120.00 for a Roll from Ash & Chess

Credit: Michael's

18. Mushroom Decorations

Just looking for a little touch of woodsy whimsy? Scatter a few of these paper mushrooms around your space for fall flair.

Buy: Colorful Mushroom Decorations, $4.49 from Michaels

Credit: Etsy

19. Mushroom Glass Beer Can

Up your iced coffee game with the also-TikTok-popular beer can glass. The mushrooms turn from frosted white to colorful spores when the liquid in the cup is below 59 degrees Fahrenheit.

Credit: Amazon

20. Mushroom Storage Basket

Toss your throw blankets, laundry, pet toys, or kids’ stuff in this chic woven basket.

Buy: Mushroom Decorative Storage Basket, $69.00 from Amazon

Credit: Etsy

21. Mushroom Glass

I recently tried enoki mushroom vodka from upstate New York distillery Mushroom Spirits, and it’d be perfect served on the rocks in this 11-ounce screen-printed glass.

Buy: Mushroom Rocks Glass, $14 from Etsy

Credit: Etsy

22. Mushroom Stained Glass

Reflect on your day while watching the sun reflect off of these multi-colored stained glass mushrooms. Try hanging them from your rearview window or in the brightest window in your home.

Credit: Target

23. Opalhouse designed with Jungalow Maddalena Mushroom Stool

This Jungalow-designed mushroom stool sold out instantly when it first launched at Target, and it took me five restock alerts to snag them in both colors. The rust red is the only one in stock — for now! — but it happens to be the bolder of the two, so this piece will definitely make a statement. They’re great for easy, moveable seating for parties, as a vanity stool (what I’m using one for right now), or as an ottoman.

Buy: Opalhouse Designed with Jungalow Maddalena Mushroom Stool, $100.00 from Target