The One Thing You Need to Create a Calmer Home Environment

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There are so many things that contribute to your overall health and well-being at home. For some, it’s critical to carve out physical space to meditate or move around; for others, it’s about finding mental space for things like gratitude and financial health.

For Eliza Blank, founder and CEO of The Sill, it’s all about plants.

Credit: Emma Fiala

“A big part of ensuring I’m emotionally and mentally healthy is making sure the environment I’m in feels safe, calm, and creative — so, full of plants,” she says. “Plants are so important but easy to overlook as a necessity. They boost your mood. They help sharpen your focus. Plus, they’re beautiful to look at!”

Read on (and listen in) to find out how Eliza incorporates plants into her (healthy, happy) life at home — and how you can, too.

No time to read? Listen to highlights from our conversation with Eliza instead.

Know Yourself

If you are thinking about becoming a plant parent, there are just a few things you need to take into consideration, according to Eliza. “First, understand how much light you have at home, i.e. low, medium, or bright,” she advises. Second, think about how much time and energy you have to commit to your plant. Do you work from home? Travel often? Have a curious cat or dog? These things will all come into play when deciding on the right plant for you.

Know Your Plants

Your next step is to learn a little bit about your plant choices vis-a-vis your environment and your personality. Some plants make better starter plants than others.

“My favorite low-maintenance plants that can thrive in a wide range of conditions include the ZZ plant, the Snake plant, the Pothos plant, the Peperomia (pet-friendly), or the Bird’s Nest Fern (also pet-friendly),” says Eliza.

Get Your Partner/Roommate/Family Involved

Whatever plant you end up choosing, it helps to involve other members of your household, according to Eliza. “Now that my daughter is three, she has her own mini watering can and taking care of the plants becomes something we can do together.

“My husband loves our houseplants but understands that it’s my territory, so instead, we find ways to incorporate growing food into our routine, since he’s a big cook. That might mean micro greens or herbs for the kitchen or even starting a little outdoor vegetable garden, which we did for the first time last summer.”

Don’t Forget to Go Outside

While Eliza surrounds herself with plants at home, she also recognizes the importance of getting outside. “It’s important to know when to leave your home! If you’ve been cooped up inside all day, even a 10-minute walk can give you a burst of energy and creativity.”

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