Has Released a Festive Fall Collection

published Sep 24, 2022
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There’s nothing quite like watching leaves change color each fall, but bringing autumn to your home garden is arguably the next best thing. If you’re looking to get in the fall spirit, has released a fall collection designed to bring seasonal coziness to your front door.

The 14 additions include autumn-hued flowering plants and festive planters that will become an eye-catching addition to any home, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned plant pro. Better yet, 10 of the collection’s items are categorized as “easy” on’s site, so they come with an easy learning curve.

If you’re looking to add a subtle dash of autumn to your home garden, you might want to consider the pumpkin succulent garden ($49.99), which houses an assortment of green succulents within a keepsake pumpkin-shaped planter. For best results, give your succulents plenty of bright, direct sunlight.


In the mood for some blooms to mirror the fall foliage outside? Then a chrysanthemum blooming plant ($34.99-$44.99) or burgundy hardy mum ($59.99) might be your best bet. 

The chrysanthemum features vibrant orange blooms, and comes in both small and large sizes pre-planted in a hand-woven basket. When kept indoors, it does best with bright sunlight and light watering up to twice a week.

Meanwhile, the burgundy hardy mum ($59.99) can thrive in full or partial sun, as long as its soil remains moist. Boasting dark red flowers and deep green foliage, your plant will arrive in a rustic basket planter that reads “Farmer’s Market.”

 If you’d rather opt for a more evergreen (pun intended) order, consider investing in a low-maintenance staple, such as a snake plant ($67.99 for a medium plant or $137.99 for a large plant) or fiddle leaf fig ($72.99 for a medium plant or $152.99 for a large plant). 

You can check out’s full fall collection and order your newest greenery here.